Hello, along with other chronic conditions I also suffer from IBS. Recently I have been extremely ill with IBS attacks. When I ate my stomach distended and became painful, I had to take Motilium to help empty my stomach and go to bed. The following day I wouldn't eat as I still felt as though my stomach was full this was then followed the next day by sever diarrhoea. My Dr said the only thing I could do was 'bear with it'.

Normally, I would take a probiotic each day however it was impossible to do so when suffering these severe bouts of IBS.

I had read about Acidiphilus and decided to give it a try on one of the days when I felt 'full' the results were amazing. No more distended stomach, no more diarrhoea and no more abdominal pain. It has only been a couple of weeks but the results are looking good.

I am not saying that taking acidophilus will have the same effect on everyone else but it might be worth a try if you are as desperate as I was. S x

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  • what form or brand is your acidophilus? My sister swears by probiotics, but I find they go out in the same form they come in (sorry if TMI). I use yogurt and kefir. Thanks!

  • I take Holland and Barrett's own brand with Pectin. It has 3 billion active cultures.

  • never heard of acidophilus what is it pld

  • Acidophilus is a probiotic which is naturally found in your gut. When you have an upset stomach it is recommended that you take a probiotic. The probiotic acts against the 'bad' bacteria that is making you unwell and helps restore the body's natural balance in your gut.I take Holland and Barrett's own brand with Pectin. It has 3 billion active cultures.

  • HI Sandy. Unfortunately I have started suffering more recently and Acidophilus has never worked with me, so pleased it is for you though as you have certainly been through some very tough times, alot tougher than me. I saw a dietician last year who was going to put me on the FODMAPs diet when her colleague had been trained but I have just been informed, after chasing them, that there isn't enough funding. I am therefore going to follow the diet myself and purchase the Patsy Castos book on FODMAPs. Best of luck to you.

  • Sorry to hear that the Acidophilus didn't work for you. I've just looked up FODMAPS and it seems very interesting. I'll delve into it deeper and see if I can benefit from this. Thank you for letting me know about FODMAPS. S x

  • I also take acidophilis Bifidius especially along with antibiotics or when I have had bad bouts of ibs, as this helps to put good flora back into the gut.. I have suffered with ibs for several years. I haven't found anything to "cure" it ,but managing it is very necessary if one is to have any kind of reasonable life style. I also take aloe vera daily,along with mebeverine and nortriptaline.I also have arthritis, Ido hope you manage to find a way for you.

  • Thank you for your reply. I'm trying not to take any meds for my IBS if I can possibly avoid it and this is why I decided to experiment with the Acidophilus. So far so good. I really do hope this works but I find that my body builds up a tolerance to meds etc really quickly so I'm praying that doesn't happen with this. Take care. Sx

  • Hi Sandy

    Have you tried gluten free diet, I started buying gluten free foods (less stomach cramps and bloating) products, the food does taste a bit strange but getting use to it. Also do a food diary, sounds really boring.... I did it and I know what foods to cut out and what foods trigger it. Don't know if you smoke but if you do, would be a good time to stop. Yes I am an ex smoker and the benefits outweigh the struggle. Alcohol also irritates the lining of the colon and STRESS. I also take Aloe Vera Gel in the morning followed by a cup of warm water after half an hour. This is the best way to start in the morning. I'm not saying this will clear it right up but this should lessen the cramp and bloated feeling. Do not buy aloe vera gel from the health shops as this is very watery. Look for one called forever living as this is the one that I use. You can inbox me if you want to know where to buy it.

  • Hello busybee29 I've 'inboxed' you re Aloe Vera. I no longer smoke nor drink and have found that this has made a major difference to my health in general. Yes, that horrible word STRESS - I hate it. Whenever I'm stressed out my IBS flares up so I've decided to learn meditation. I already keep a book that I write quotes in that help me through my chronic illnesses and bad times - it's any quotes that lighten my mood and help me reduce my stress levels. I find the quotes on-line either under 'Buddha quotes' or 'inspirational quotes'. It has helped me see the world in a less stressful way - I don't know how helpful it would be for others to keep a book like this but I find my little book invaluable. S x.

  • hey Sandy, try forever living Aloe Vera Gel, believe me it takes a little getting use to, i have a capful first thing in the morning before i eat or drink anything. you have to keep it in the fridge but take it with a little hot water as IBS does not like cold drinks on the stomach. Then have a cup of warm boiled water after 20 mins. thats the best thing you can do for your tummy in the morning. Stressful situations are not good, chanting is good. Anyway i hope that helps. best of luck :-))))

  • I can understand how you feel Sandy 247, while I can and do eat 3 meals daily I do have variation in my appetite and your post has made me think it could be due to bloating, so thanks. One tip I have may be useful - eat white bread. .....I started with a dietician a couple of months ago and she wanted me to eat wheat so they could do celiac test (I had been avoiding wheat/dairy etc to try and improve my symptoms - I'm IBS-D - post infection). Initially I was having white bread but treating myself with the sort you buy and cook in the oven. The pain and bloating was terrible. When I saw my dietician again she explained while she wanted me eating white bread this part cooked stuff is about the worst so I just went for standard white sliced loaves from that day. Its taken a few weeks to settle but I can now tolerate this type of white bread and best of all the D is less regular. From what I understand from my dietician if your are a bit loose white bread is best but if you are constipated brown/wholemeal is best. Could be worth a try?

  • Thank you for your advice. I'll certainly give the white bread a go. Sx

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