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A flare-up or a bug?

I have "IBS" (personally I think its something more serious). I suffer everyday with diarrhea no matter what I eat, severe abdominal cramping and have had 8 anal fissures in the space of 2 months.

Anyway, today I've had my usual diarrhea but its been literally coloured water and there's been fresh blood on the toilet paper. (possibly from the anal tear that I'm currently sporting) I have been vomiting, have zero appetite and have a terrible migraine. Could this be a bug or a "IBS" flare up?

I have a doctors appointment on the 7th of this month to ask for an endoscopy but I am absolutely sick to death of diarrhea. It drains me so much! I sleep 4 hours a day then have my normal 9 hours on a night :-(

For a 21 year old, I have no quality of life!

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hi Marie you not on your own i've just had the last two weeks with my Abdomen and there a bug going around that is really knocking people of the feet and causing the same problems as you have, hope you get better soon will be thinking about how your getting on take care Alan xx


Thanks Alan. I think I may need to phone in sick tomorrow. I feel really breathless as well. Not sure if its related but I've had to dig out the inhalers (I never usually need these)

Ugh I feel so drained :-( x


hi Maria if its that bad would it be wise to call 111 at least for some information on how you are at this moment, you need to call them take care let me know how you get on your friend Alan xx


Hi Maria if you are this bad, it could be either, I use to be like this. I think you should contact your doc for an earlier appointment, sounds like you are dehydrating your self. IBS-D can seem like a nightmare and your mind think all sorts. See your doc ASAP . Do you take anything to stop Diarrhea ?. I hope it slows down soon and try and keep an eye on what foods are kicking you off, when bad I know anything, but try and keep an eye on it.


Thank you for your comment! I am feeling a little better today. Still the odd trip to the bathroom but the vomiting has stopped. I took a buscopan IBS relief tablet this morning so we'll see how that works out.

I have really bad acid reflux today and feel really tired and drained but other than that, I'm okay. Thank you for your concern, I guess I'll just have to plod on lol xx


That will be the Buscopan, have you any Gaviscon you can take, and if you can drink tepid water maybe a while after kettle been boiled, sometimes helps with reflux. I take Nexium tabs for that, I believe you can buy them now, but get mine through Docs. I use Colpamin for my flare ups and I don't seem to have any probs with them unlike the Buscapan. Hope you feel well soon Hun, not nice I know, you can't win keep it in , and reflux, let it out and pain 😖😣. Bless you take care.xx



sounds awful. probably a bug i had on in December. keep water intake up and eat little perhaps boiled egg.No meat for a day or two.Could try NORMACOL on prescription as a substitute for fibre may help with D. it certainly helps me.

hope you soon feel better.




very unlikely to be anything serious at your age. blood urine tests should assure you.



Hi Maria, I'm glad you feel a bit better today and hope that you did phone in sick as it certainly does sound like a tummy bug to me and you need keep away from people for 48 hours after the last episode i.e. vomiting or diarrhea. I have had IBS for nearly 20 years and have to say I have never experienced diarrhea and vomiting with the condition although I know that there are people out there that are sick with IBS. I feel sick at times but my main problem is bloating, pain and constipation.

I really do hope you are starting to feel better as in my book there is nothing worse than being sick.

Take care

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I am the same but mines chronic constipation! ! Bee in agony every time I eat& bloating& wind just kills me waited 8 months now and only just got am appointment for 15 FEB!! CANT believe they keep giving me rotten drugs that make me even worse! ! Stopped taking. Every thing they gave me now Ijust want to know why I.m blocked with constipation every day!!good lluckx


Hi maria94!,

I've had two anal fissures in the past two months and I go from been constipated to having diarrhoea.

At the moment I've got constipation.

I get a lot of stomach cramps and other stomach pains.

I've tooken all kinds of medicine for IBS., but nothing works and everything remains the same nothing seems to touch it or make it better.


Definitely make sure you are taking in fluids. Pedialyte or even coconut water will help with that preventing dehydration. Diarrhea can take a toll on you as far as leaving you tired and dehydrated. It sounds like you have a bug aka stomach flu, stomachbug. If you don't have an appetite, try to get some bland foods in so at least pure getting some nutrients in. You can try a bone broth or any "nice on the stomach" kind of soup (broth based). Some saltine crackers are optional. Now to keep you from vomiting I use charcoal pills. They're meant to absorb any toxins that may be sitting in your stomach. So it speeds up the process of healing from the stomach flu. Look that up as well :) You can fins that at a CVS pharmacy or Walgreens. If you do in fact have the stomach flu, go on the BRAT diet. Noo I'm not calling you a brat lol it stands for Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast. If you're not able to keep any other foods down then you're not ready and need to eat something more gentle like the brat diet. Good luck and feel better! :)


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