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Gas Pains?

I wondered how common gas/wind type pains are. For years I had mainly the lower left pain but this flare my pain seems to move from moment to moment almost. It can be really low over pelvic region or up under my left rib or even higher in the diaphragm between my breast. Burping a lot as well. Sometimes it will settle in one place for a while mainly under left ribs. terrible bloating as well.

My consultant has started me on mebeverine has anyone found this useful it has not helped much yet but only 3rd day of taking it. I am a dreadful worrier so I know it makes it worse. I really would appreciate any advice or anyone else who has similar symptoms posting.

Thank you

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I too used to have gas pains that could make themselves felt in any location from my collarbone down to lower abdomen - frequently all at the same time - I could also burp for England! I used to think that because I had a small duodenal ulcer, the pains above my breastbone were due to that, but my gastro told me it was trapped wind and to take Colpermin capsules, but these were useless for me.

The most successful remedies I used were as follows:

Wind-eze tablets

glass of soda water


a heaped teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water.

Sometimes I'd have to take all of those things before I was comfortable, but if I took Wind-eze at the first sign of discomfort coming on it would often work without resorting to the rest of the list.

As far as I could tell, mebeverine was useless for trapped wind so I'm not surprised you're getting no relief with it.

Hope this helps



Hi Roz,

Thank you so much for replying it really helps. I have just signed on again and noticed your response was 1 minute ago. Did you have this pretty much all day for weeks. I have and it is such a drag and really gets me down. Did you feel full up after a small meal?. I have had the usual scans abdo, pelvis etc and all clear but they say 'JUST' ibs this is affecting my life so it is not 'JUST' ibs.

Anyway thanks for the advice I had wondered about windeze myself and I will try them.




Yes, sometimes the symptoms would last for weeks and then I'd be okay for a while. ...and yes again, I used to feel stuffed full and as if I'd eaten a banquet instead of the small portion I'd actually had. When I was at that stage I found it best to eat 4 - 5 very small meals a day.

I know, 'just IBS' is a phrase well-used by medics who a) don't have it and b) don't really know what's wrong. It was the 'just' that used to get me most.

Have you tried the low-FODMAP diet?

I should tell you that although I was originally diagnosed with IBS-D, a short while ago I was re-diagnosed with Bile Acid Disorder (BAD) which is easily treatable. The symptoms are exactly the same as those of IBS-D and 50% of people given a diagnosis of 'just IBS' have actually got BAD instead. The test to determine it is called SeHCAT, so if you're diarrhoea-predominant, it's worth asking your GP about it.



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