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Gas Pains All Over

For a month of more I've been experiencing what i think is IBS related gas pains? Last month the twinging pain started in my abdomen over the ovaries and since then I have felt the pains travel to my left side (pancreas) then settled in my right side (gall bladder) now its settled into my right side sternum. I get shooting pains in my abdomen sometimes and been very bloated and passing a lot of flatulence. I have not noticed any burping? I do notice if I eat too fast I'm miserable with shooting pains in the abdomen and get extremely bloated? I also feel discomfort/poking in my sternum and sometimes feel tightness in my back on the right side? I plan to get an ultrasound but have to wait a week for an appointment. Everday is a new symptom but lately its been mainly under my right rib/sternum? Am I alone - what could this be?

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Hi, i have been having the exact same symptoms in the last week!! Im desperate for relief from this, i have tried ginger, peppermint but only get little relief. I am ibs c and very constipated at the moment, nothing seems to be helping. Anyone out there with any idea how to get relief for both of us would be really appreciated. Ps ive never experienced this cramping and gas for more than two hours in the past!! Nanabud

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I think you should have all tests done before getting to any conclusion. I had abdominal pain in lower left side for years. I had ultrasound scan, blood-urine test, sigmoidoscopy, CT scan. All the reports were normal, then Dr. concluded that its IBS. I take peppermint oil capsules everyday, which helps me to soothe the intestines. You can check my story: healthunlocked.com/theibsne...

Changing diet will make a huge difference. I generally stick to alkaline vegetarian diet, which helps very well. If you say you have gas after eating, try 1 tbsp fennel powder after every meal, 3 times a day. You can google out the benefits of fennel in releasing gas and acid reflux. I also take psyllium husk powder at night before going to bed, which helps to clean the colon. Also, I feel handling with stress also makes a major difference to IBS symptoms. So, I try SKY breathing everyday to manage my stress which helps me to minimize my symptoms.

Hope this helps :)


Thanks everyone - I just got back from urgent care today. Have been having discomfort in my right sternum rib area & back/ongoing for 5 days. I scheduled a doctor appointment for next week but ended up in the Urgent Care yesterday because I got worried

I was having panic attacks due to ongoing symptoms. Plus I'm bloated and gassy

Anyway all my labs, EKG were normal except he did culture my urine due to bacteria present?

Dr Ordered the following & all were normal

CBC with Diff

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel



Lipase Liver

Urine Pregnancy - Negative

Also did a physical exam while pushing on abdomen

After my visit and the all clear the physician told me to try Nexium for a week or more and to get an ultrasound of my Gallbladder soon? He told me that I may have symptoms everyday if it is indeed my gallbladder? The pain is only a 2 out of 10 and its not really pain its just a discomfort?

Im still getting an achy feeling in right lower rib-cage no matter how much or little I eat? Sometimes I notice it without food? Its intermittent but still notice the discomfort at least 3-4 times a day. The saga continues

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Some people try just one particular meal continuously for 5 days to avoid any type of stomach issues. Personally, I have tried white rice & moong lentils cooked in pressure cooker (with turmeric, fennel powder & coriander) for 5 days, in lunch & dinner. Breakfast can be anything light like oatmeals with soaked dates & raisins. It worked for me, I could feel that calmness in my intestines after 5 days of experiment.


Hi yesterday I went for an ultra sound for pain under right side ribs down my left side ,outcome nothing, had to starve for this ,that made symptoms worse, I had gall bladder op two years ago and pain is the same paid private for this ,so thought what's gone wrong, I have acid reflux ,can't take PPIs as they gave me colitis diarrhoea for months, new to me now bloating, so uncomfortable , I've had so many blood tests all normal , my partner thinks it's all in my head ,and I dream up all this pain, just what is this IBS


Yes absolutely! I'm going back to Dr on Tuesday for that very reason! Awful pain under right rib and back! I was fully convinced I have something serious going on until reading your post! So scared to go to Drs because they say its all in my head! What helps me is doing stretches' sort of like yoga! This can help your side! I suggest you see your gp and demand some help! I'm fed up of being in this agony! So I will take my own advise and kick some butt at Drs! Take good care of yourself!


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