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How can I be sure my doctors diagnoses is correct ?

I was told I had ibs 5 years ago after taking various medication nothing seemed to help my doctor decided to do another blood test this came back with enlarged blood cells they then decided to "load" me with vitamin b12 which seemed to actually stop the ibs I'm due for a scan on Friday where there scanning my pelvis and stomach as my doctor said its unlikely my ibs is not related to enlarged blood cells which after much research is quite a common problem for us sufferers I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this done ? Thanks

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I have a raised ferritin level 300 ish but no one has mentioned blood cells. Do you know what the blood test was called which they did?


I never had any problems with this until I was to get surgery to remove piles I was told unless I had a colonoscopy they would not do surgery after having that done I have had diarrhoea every time I eat or drink had blood tests scans alk normal so been told ibs pain so bad on Buscopan injections and was on lomital but now there is a problem with that. Any advice from anyone very bloated in tummy as well.


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