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Hi everyone, just a little post to say I was just in my local Tesco Express (and it's a really tiny one!) and they are selling Symprove for £20 a bottle and they're selling two flavours. I was on the original clinical trial for it at King's College and it unfortunately didn't work for me but it helps two out of three sufferers so maybe they're looking to spread the word :)

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  • Just to say that Symprove is much cheaper if bought directly from the manufacturer, The more you buy at a time, the lower the price, plus if you become a regular purchaser, you get a further discount on top of that.

  • At the present time the cheapeast Symprove retailer is

    They are offering 4 bottles (flavoured) for around £65 with delivery!.

  • That's a really good price! I hope people on here take advantage and try it out!

  • What is Symprove? I'm getting desperate to try anything to help!

  • It's a live probiotic drink; it's pricey when you consider that you drink a bottle a week on average and you have to use it for three months to see if it works but it's proven to be effective in 2 out of 3 cases of IBS and if I hadn't have already tried it on the trial, I wouldn't mind paying £60 total to see if it worked for me!

  • unfortunately did not work for me either.

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