Hi everyone.

Well i thought i was doing so well, i have been taking Silicolgel for a while now and my diarrhoea had gone but still get the urgency to go but have been controlling it now.

Then on Sunday night i had some after eight mints which had been given to me for my birthday i suppose i went a bit mad as i love them what a mistake.

All day Monday i have been on the loo. Im hoping it was just the chocolate as i feel a bit better today.

So i think maybe i shall have to avoid chocolate from now on.

Well at least i know one thing not to eat.


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  • Eat a little dark cho 70%low sugar

    Colpermin or mint tea

    Might be sugar substitute in After8i irritates tum

  • Hi JanetJAM, I have tried the Silicolgel before and had good results but thought you were only supposed to take it for a few days at a time. How are you finding it and how often do you take it?

  • hi

    I take a tablespoon every morning and that seems to work well except for an odd break out now and again.

  • I am sure it said on the packet that not to take it for lengthy periods of time, but I had better check that again.

  • Its the DARK chock with the after 8s realy strong-only need 1 !

    S x

  • Hi babe it is the chocolate I take loperamide for the dyria but like you ete chocolate cake what a mistake I had severe dryria & lived on the toilet I get so angry when I see evrry one enjoying all kinds of goodies & with this ibs & now coeliac disease I am miserable with it & cannot go out far & my twin sister is the same & my family and friends dont understand why I av got to be vigilant with my food with this coeliac it has the same problems as ibs the loperamide help but nature is stronger in your gut & it still pushes through all the time the dyria so I just try & get through the day the best I can take care & be safe

  • Hi there i have joined the site and i really empathise. I too am affected by chocolate in this way. As a chocoholic that is real bad news:(. Other things that effect me are bread and diary produce. While i manage with diary to an extent it is real difficult with bread. Spend most of life either on loo or managing condition with pain relief or anti diaorrea meds. Wld welcome a support group in leeds area. Perhaps i could feel normal so to speak.

    bambi 16

  • Thanks for the advice I will try this.

  • Chocolate is a nightmare for us i b s sufferers!!

  • I had to give up all major triggers: meat,dairy,caffeine and chocolate. They say exercise is good as well as meditation.I know people that believe hipnotherapy.

    Fresh sour dough bread is good soluable fiber and doesnt hurt me.itd the only food besides rice and potatoes that I can count on.

    Eating soluable fiber is a very good thinh for IBS.Pls check out on the internet,IBS AND TRIGGER FOODS ALSO



  • Anything you take for IBS is just to supress the symptoms. Not a cure. There is obviously something in the chocolate u are intolerant or allergic to- maybe dairy or sugar. Test it out and then avoid

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