Chronic IBS for the last 12 yrs

I've had all the tests there is to have.I just can't put my finger on what foods cause me so much pain.Just a question I would like to put out there,I went to my doctors yesterday and he put me on Fybergel one at night one in the morning.Well my stomach has been so active today and the pain is severe ,I just wondered if anyone else has been the same and is it worth persevering with ?

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  • Have you read Dr's Jensen's guide to better bowel care? Really helped me

  • No I haven't read that particular book ,but I have lots of IBS books that have been recommended on here,and I still can't get it under control

  • Hi,

    Sorry I can't be of much help, but have taken Fybergel in a morning, but as I have IBS, with both C & D, I never know if to take it, and I have asked the G.P.

  • I just take it in the evening after my meal.The doctor told me to take it in the morning aswell but it causes to much discomfort

  • Have you tried the FODMAP diet?

  • Yes I'm on the Fodmap diet at the moment I've been on it 7wks but hasn't made no difference at all

  • What are you eating maybe there's still something in your diet that's triggering symptoms? Maybe post up here your dietary intake and we can help you figure it out.

  • Hi Ibsr My diet is very limited I start the day with Rice Krispies for lunch I usually have tomatoe sandwich on GF bread or egg on toast always GF bread then tea time usually Lamb,chicken with mash,frozen beans,carrots with home made gravy GF.I drink water with a slice of lemon in nearly all day or Green-Ginger tea.And fruit I have is blueberries,mandarine oranges,raspberries .All of what is on the Fodmap diet list I had from my dietician .But if you've got any other suggestions I'd be grateful

  • My triggers from your list are tomatoes, GF bread which can sometimes have apple juice or other nasties, all fruit, ESP oranges and mandarins, green tea can be too harsh on the tum too ESP on an empty tum. What's in your gravy? Also sometimes too much starch like rice or potatoes can trigger my symptoms so I make sure I don't have them within a day or so of each other. Hope that helps?

  • Also are you drinking room temp water and lemon or ice cold. Never have ice cold as that 'freezes' the digestive tract and stops it working properly.

  • No I never drink ice cold water,my gravy is the meat juices,vegetable water and gravy browning.Ive also been led to believe from the Fodmap diet that you can eat mandarine oranges.I suffer with IBS every day,and already being on a diet I just can't put my finger on one particular trigger .It seems no matter what I do makes no difference

  • I would definitely cut out the fruit and gf bread. Also have you seen a naturopath for candida? Worth getting that checked because you could just be feeding the candida which can cause symptoms too. Try making vege frittata which courgettes, spinach, red capsicum, beet root. See how you go with those and then if still symptoms cut back on the green and ginger tea for a while and stick to plain water. I don't follow my UK dieticians advice on FODMAPS...I much prefer the info from the experts at Monash university. You can get an app from Monash that tells you what is high in whatever causes your symptoms. Have you been tested for fructose/lactose malabsorption? Worth getting that done.

  • Also what do you put on your rice crispies?

  • Soy milk and canderel I also have the Monash university App

  • Soy milk can be a trigger too:-(. I wouldn't touch canderal either...artificial sweeteners are known to cause abdominal symptoms.

    If you can't have lactose have you tried lactose free milk? If you go for almond milk watch out for carrageenan. I hope I am now bombarding with with too much...I have been on FODMAP 16 months and only recently stopped having pain because I realised my almond milk was a trigger. Good luck.

  • Baked beans, beans and pulses can give pain, and never, never eat white onions raw - the pain from them can be extremely severe.

  • I agree and I haven't had either for at least 6mths

  • I take fibregel in the evening only and this seems to work for me. Sometimes I may have a couple of days when it is not, working for me as well so I just take two Senacot tablets and I am back to normal, well as back to normal as you can be with IBS!!!

  • i've been on fybergel too made me feel worse

  • I did a food and symptom diary for just under a year as can't afford allergy testing. I tried cutting out one food at a time for a week then going back to a normal week then cutting out another. Not going to lie this is hard work but I have identified trigger foods for me by doing it which include white bread, white rice, white pasta, onions, spinach, peppers, chocolate, cheese, citrus fruit and juices. Now if I cut these things out and just eat plain food and try not to eat too much of one type I find it more manageable. If I overdo it on a food type and get my pain, bloating, gas, nasaea symptoms I take buscopan which usually calms it down within the hour.

  • Thank you for all your replies you've been a great help . I will try some of these options,but today I am seeing my dietitian so see what he says .I will keep you all updated .THANKS

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