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Is this really IBS??? so many of my symptoms arent really typical of IBS but 3 gastroentrologists all agree it is a functional bowel problem

I woke up one morning 4 years ago with morning diahorrea which has continued religiously every morning (just once thankfully!!!!) till the present day. Initially I was bothered with nausea and stomach grumblings.... which caused me to drastically reduce the amount I was eating with the result of weight loss - 3 stone. However my symptoms came and went - usually worse around my period then a couple of weeks ok then it all started again. following normal bloods, hormone levels etc with my GP i was referred to gastroentrologist who performed barium enema and diagnosed IBS. having tried a few natural remedies (peppermint tea/capsules, plus few things recommended by Jan De Vries) still no improvement. I was then referred to further specialist who performed camera test into stomach and sigmoidoscopy all of which frustratingly came back clear!!! although grateful nothing worse was found I still suffer almost every day with the morning rush, nausea, extreme fatigue, lack of energy, light headedness and brain fog, HELP does this sound like IBS???? luckily I am a stay at home mum but it really affects my fun times with the kids.....

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Hi flertygert your symptoms sound exactly the same as mine, I too have had all the tests done which were all clear. I now work full time for the first time since having my children and am really struggling, I started to research my symptoms in more detail as they are truly affecting every aspect of my life. I came across candida which seemed to mirror all of my symptoms it said this is still not recognised by many gp`s as a medical condition and low and behold my gp dismissed it and just started to to talk to me about ibs again!! From what I can gather the only way to get rid of it is to follow a very strict no sugar diet (so the yeast has nothing to feed on) it looks tough but worth a try. Hope this helps, it may not be what you have but have a look at candida and see what you think, good luck x



I have all the symptoms you describe. I've been told that though some are less common they are all symptoms of IBS. It is the light headedness and brain fog I find most difficult to deal with. I've tried cutting out wheat and whilst it didn't make any difference for me it is worth trying as it may make things better for you. I'm still searching for a diet that will help me. I have found that over the last few weeks things are slightly better and I hope you start to feel a bit better soon.


Have you tried the low-FODMAP diet?


Hi phoenix. i have the same stuff - brain fog (v.poor memory & concentration), sudden tiredness, tingling limbs, even occasional alcohol intolerance - got any lifestyle or dietary tips?


Hi, sorry but the only thing I've found is that after several months and numerous blood tests mine is finally starting to settle down. Probably totally unconncected but I was also told I have begnin paroxysmal positional vertigo and once my gp did the Epley exercise on me not only did my dizziness go but my brain fog went as well.

I hope you find something soon that helps you.


Hi have you tried cutting anything out of your diet to see if it improves? I had your exact symptoms (also all tests were annoyingly but thankfully "normal") and cut out wheat completely...big difference but still had diarrhoea then cut out milk. Symptoms are 90% better and I don't get flare ups unless I slip up with my diet (usually chocolate/ ice cream lol)


If there is a chance it is Candida, you might want to try a supplement. I'm not recommending these as I haven't tried them, but Bio-Kult make a few different types of probiotic - a few are tailored towards specific things. They make one for Candida amazon.co.uk/Bio-Kult-Cande...

The only reason I suggest this brand is that I know there are dozens (or more) unknown brands around. I know the company that makes these (Protexin) supplies vets all over the country. Their pet versions are the ones that most vets prescribe.


I had a candida test done at candidatest.co.uk, got a positive result, did the diet for about 4 months which got rid of about 30% of my symptoms and then moved on to the low-FODMAP diet which gave me a further good result, getting rid of the bulk of the remaining symptoms.

My GP recently gave me a trial run of colestyramine to see whether it was over-production of bile acid which was at the root of it all and, since it works brilliantly and I'm now off all elimination diets and eating normally with no IBS symptoms, I guess that's what the problem was. Could well be worth a try.

You could also ask for a SIBO test to establish whether you have unwanted bacteria in your system - the NHS will do this.

Hope this helps.



kerrym, I'm sure this has been said before, but that's not a good test for candida at all. Anecdotally, I've come across reports of people where the spit test said they had candida and they didn't, and where it said they didn't, and yet they did!


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