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Fodmap diet with egg allergy

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I have downloaded the fodmap app from Australia monaesh university. I am just worried because I already avoid egg due to analyphatic allergy and sulphate due to skin allergy. I know my safe foods are normally potato and rice it is just what can I eat with them?

I am going to ask my gp for a referral to a dietitian today but how long the waiting list will be could be another problem. I am fed up of random cow pats.

I have also noticed there is lactose in my tablets and I know I cannot stop these nor can they be changed so I cannot completely stop lactose is this going to prevent me from following fodmap properly?

Lots of questions from a newbie to fodmap.

11 Replies

Don't envy you doing FODMAPs and missing out eggs as well, that'll be really tough for a few weeks, nevertheless, you really should give FODs a go as it'll sort out most, if not all, of your trigger foods.

I think you'll be eating a lot of chicken and fish with your potatoes and rice and whatever salad and veg suit you.

Shame that your meds don't come with a lactose-free coating, but you shouldn't let that put you off doing the diet.

Read all the info available on Monash's web pages before you embark and the best book I found on it was by Patsy Catsos called 'IBS-Free at Last'.



Hi Rosie it sound like fish, rice or potato. I often react to chicken as sometimes an egg was broken inside bird when it was killed for eating. Chicken is one of those foods that always say may contain egg on wrapper. But I love fish so I am not going to complain.

Fish and rice or potato sounds yum. Is olive oil in red fodmap? Off to look. My gp gave me a new tablet for IBS today and I am slowly coming round from swelling up in the face and lips. Needless to say seen gp three times today thanks to allergic reaction.

It is no fun having allergic reactions and IBS !

Thank you for replying.


If you can tolerate rice, I survived off congee. You can add tofu or fish into it, and steam up any of the accepted vegetables, as well as garnish with the tops of green onions. I also ate buckwheat noodles, I'm not sure if they have egg, you'd have to check. I also found this 'bread' recipe on the internet, wish I had known about it during FODMAPS. It's eggless, and if you can tolerate high fiber and double check the ingredients for FODMAPS and substitute if necessary you might like it.

The worst of it is that the diet is boring, and its tough to eat out.

It's really good to see the dietician after trying FODMAPS for a bit because then you have a better idea of what you're having troubles replacing.


If you ask your pharmacist to give you alternative medication which does not contain lactose they can usually do so.

If you already have the Monash FODMAP app you can easily do it yourself without waiting months to see a dietitician. Just go gluten and lactose free - even if you are still having lactose in your medication you can still cut out a lot from dairy initially , by the way you can still eat hard cheese and butter as they have no lactose because it is in the whey not the curds of the milk. Then eat only those foods showing green on the traffic light system. Do that for 6 weeks then add back foods one at a time by type.


There is DEFINATELY lactose in cheese and butter, but at a much lower level than milk. To start with it is worth trying cuting out ALL lactose. Lactose free milk, chees, cream, cream cheese, butter like spread and yogurts are available in all supermarkets. The make is Arla. They are excellent (except yogurt has alot of sugar in it). Some people can tolerate a little ordinairy cheese/butter/ yogurt but not milk. If you are very lactose intolerant, you need to cut out the lot.

Hope this helps, Joy

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I will talk to the pharmacist and work through the app.


Hi Julie

You should ask your doctor for a referral to a fodmap trained dietitian if you have other allergies and need to restrict your diet further. A dietitian will help you to do this without compromising your nutrition. Your GP can refer and if you are having difficulties being referred explain your situation and say you cannot do it alone. You can always self refer to a freelance dietitian if needed

Kind regards

The IBS Network Team


Thank you for replying. I will have a look at freelance dietitians. I cannot do it alone.


I went back to my GP today and tried again. It is trial and error and a dietitian cannot help with this. It is up to the individual to find it out for themselves. It is called self management!

I will work through fodmap app and write down my findings and take it to GP. To ask how I can maintain a balanced diet with my findings.


I did the fodmap diet and now know which foods not to touch ( onions, garlic, broccoli, pasta and a few others) which foods are ok and which foods I can have occasionally without hugely painful consequences - one thing I cannot touch without suffering badly, and I would certainly never have suspected, is chewy sweets such as haribo and fruit pastilles, I am now lactose free but if someone makes me the odd cup of tea with normal milk I am ok, I am mainly gluten free but have found I can treat myself to the odd French stick or other fresh bread without it being unbearable. I also have a hiatus hernia which makes eating even more complicated - but it's all worth it to live a relatively pain free life X good luck


I mean you won't be able to eat cakes and bread from the store (but you can make yourself if desired)... anyway there is plenty of other food thats much healthier anyway.

Just eat meat, veg and potatoes/rice.. its a staple diet and can be varied..

shephards pie (inc. whatever meat mince you are most tolerant to) with carrots and green beans

burgers with salad and chips

stirfry chicken with bok choy or chard, bean sprouts, peppers, ginger (maybe some chives or onion greens if you tolerate them). with rice

GF tortillas wrap with stirfried sliced chicken or mince, peppers, , tomatoes, lactofree yoghurt or sour cream, chives. (optional: green chilli).

Roast dinner: Roast meat, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, small amount of greens/kale/spinich, gravy.

GF cereal and lactofree, rice or coconut milk

Bacon (or turkey bacon), tomato and hash browns.

But I wouldn't bother being vegetarian!


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