Where can I get the items on the low FODMAP diet?

I am disabled and housebound due to Fibromyalgia. I do all my shopping on line but am struggling to find the low FODMAP foods in my usual supermarket. I looked for Corn Tortillas and there was only 1 item and it contains wheat. Likewise with bread it says it's free from but it has loads of ingredients we're not allowed. I'm working my way through the Patsy Cotsos book and want to start the elimination process asap but I can't find the items I need. Has anyone found a good supply of low FODMAP items that will deliver? Which shops do you all use? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • Sorry I canna help,,, but I would be interested too :)

  • I'm not saying you'll get all you want from one supermarket,but Tescos are pretty good.

  • It's Tesco I usually shop in but for some unknown reason they only make a small number of items available to people who shop online.

  • Linden,I have the Patsy Catsos,cookbook,Flavour without fodmaps.

    I think the problem with it is she's not British so a lot of the ingredients you will struggle to find here.

    Just a suggestion ,maybe you would be better finding a Nutritionist to give you a British Fodmap diet.

    Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking Patsys book.

    When I first went down the road of the Fodmap diet I had the l believe it was called the Monach university App, and I found the same problem there,it's foods mainly in Australia ,but Professor John Hunter,has been there recently to help change it for the UK. But I don't know if that's out yet. I hope that's been of a bit of help.

    If you can't get out I can understand your dilemma,as you need to read all the ingredients . I was given a Fodmap book from a dietician here in the Uk,I don't know if you can get it but give it a go.

    Kcl.ac.uK/fodmaps. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the information. I asked my GP last week about being referred to a dietitian but was told that I didn't fit the criteria for referral. No idea what the criteria are though. You can buy the books you referred to from the Kings College London but they come in packs of 10! I'll have a look on Amazon to see if you can get them that way.

    Thanks again for the information at least I know there is stuff out there.

  • Tell you what Linden,tell your GP you want to be referred to a Gastrologist ,then go through him. But I think if you more demand than ask your GP,you may get somewhere.

    You have to stamp your feet to get what you need.

  • Am 'hopefully' going to Gp tmoz n 'demand' a dietician :)

  • I hope you're more successful than I was. Go for it.

  • didn't manage to go!!!!! did try, but lost the will!!!! on the fone half hour to Gp surgery :(

  • Ocado has then best selection of items for specialised diets I have found and I have done home deliveries from most of them. Hope this helps.

  • I agree!

  • There are over 100 items in the 'free from' range at Tesco online including Genius bread which I believe is wheat free

  • Yes I've discovered that now thanks. I shopped online last night and it took me hours reading all the ingredients and checking them against what not to buy. It arrived this morning and I have just had gluten free corn flakes and soy milk for breakfast. It tasted OK thank goodness. I was worried that I wouldn't like anything but so far so good.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Does anyone know why we are allowed to have butter on the fodmap diet as it's made from milk isn't it?

  • butter chocolate and most cheese are lacto free. Lactose as opposed to dairy is high fodmap. Saying that, one or two may be also intolerant to dairy. You will find your way at the re-introduction phase. In the early days I found facebook fodmap pages helpful but left as petty disputes can be wearing. I tend to alternate where I shop as all supermarkets seem to be ok in some fodmap products and stock up when on offer. All the best

  • OK that makes sense. Thanks very much.

  • I sometimes shop at realfoods.co.uk for specialist bits and pieces

  • Thanks for the link I'll take a look.

  • I'm trying to tackle this problem in the UK via my blog! I've got some meetings with supermarkets and new players in the game next month. Keep in touch with me over at thebeautifulmouth.com and I'll endeavour to keep you updated!

    Sam x

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