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Hi all, just wondering if any one has chronic constipation with bloating, but no other symptoms?

I realise I am very lucky only to have these two problems, as this site has made me aware how awful IBS can be. I follow the FODMAP diet, which has helped a lot, but still my tummy plays up. In the past I have had to have colonics to clear my system. I use laxatives some times. Can any one recommend any prescription meds that might help.

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Hi there, how about trying some natural measures such as linseeds soaked overnight in water then stir and drink in the morning. Aloe Vera juice and slippery elm are also effective. If you want to message me I will send you the info that I give to my clients who are constipated.



I just read your reply to bigbunbun3's post. I have been suffering with constant chronic constipation for over 18 months I have Fibromyalgia, Coccydenia and other health problems.

I wonder if you don't mind could you also send your info to me please

Many Thanks x


Dear Therapist, I have also read your reply to bigbunbun3's post and could you also send me your info please? Very many thanks


can you also mail me the info. Thank you.


I have posted the info in 'posts' as a few have asked, I hope it is helpful for some of you


I often do, and they are usually my only digestive symptoms.

It's mostly under control by eating gluten free, but I'm not convinced that's the whole story because my digestion continues to get slower overall. The only other thing that I suspect that I have a reaction to and therefore avoid is baker's yeast.

I'm thinking of trying out the FODMAPs diet. I've already cut out one of the major culprits there - wheat - but since I've never noticed a link between the symptoms and other kinds of FODMAP foods, I'm not expecting much. I just don't have a lot of other ideas right now.

I went for a smal bowel MRI and the mannitol got things moving pretty well. :-) Of course that's a FODMAP, which clearly didn't trigger constipation... had the opposite effect, which was quite welcome.

The most gentle remedy for constipation that I've come across is magnesium citrate.

Have you tried cutting out wheat/gluten completely? If you're reacting to wheat because of the gluten (as I believe that I am), rather than or even as well as the fructans, then even very small amounts, which would be allowed on FODMAPs diet, could be having a negative effect. I'm so much more sensitive to gluten since I cut it out of my diet...


Hi bigbunbun3

I also suffer with constant chronic constipation, nothing I take or do helps, I have IBS, bloating of stomach (I'm 56 & look 7 months pregnant) Fibromyalgia, Coccydenia amongst other health problems, I feel for you it's a nightmare isn't it.

wish you well xx


Thank you for your reply. I have just read your profile, I am sorry to learn of your health problems. I hope you to find some relief. I am 52yrs and have had these symptoms for many years tried more or less everything to help my tummy, apart from a colonoscopy which I don't like the idea of as I believe my problem lies with food.

Take Care.



I have had IBS for 20 years and for the past 18 months I have had chronic constipation. I put this down to the menopause as I am 53 - although HRT doesn't seem to help here! I hate lactulose because it bloats me and feels awful. Fibogel is fairly useless. Linseed and a few prunes every day helps a bit and my diet is balanced and what I would consider good. So... I have tried Movicol (just 1 sachet a day), which is effective but doesn't help the IBS bloating and incomplete feeling. Senna every couple of weeks just as a one off works well for me but I don't want to depend on it so am wary of taking it too regularly. All the advice re exercise and plenty of liquid does not "cure" me either, although if I didn't do all these things I may be a lot worse. This probably has not been helpful - you are not alone!!


Hi all,

I'm 58 and have IBS for 7 years. I get chronic constipation as well, like you all, I have tried everything. The only thing that works for me at the moment is Bimuno Ibaid which I get from boots chemist! Its a chewable pastille for digestive balance. It says to take 2 a day, but truly I found that was way too much. I take one ONLY when i feel badly constipated, and it works very gently on the bowels, which means no straining. It may not suit everyone, but it has been my savings grace in the last year since I heard about it. Let me know if any of you have any success with it. :-)


Hi nanabud, thank you for your info on Bimuna Lbaid, I will have a look at that.


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