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Questran and colestyramine best thing that ever happened to me

I have been on these for three/four years and they are the best. I produce to much bile so with ibs d it just horrific and these when the dose is right are fab. They have helped me through my latest and worst flare up (just put a question on re that) whichbi am working through slowly. I have noticed other people have mentioned this medication so I thought I would let people know how great they have been for me.

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hi I have been diagnosed with a functional bowel disorder as I suffer mostly every morning with nausea and diahorrea - just once a day thankfully..... I also generally feel run down and have no energy, take more headaches, fuzzy head... This has been going on for 4 years now and despite all the tests nothing has shown up. Even my gluten test has come back clear. as my main problem is diahorrea I was wondering if it could be related to bile acid??? Dont really suffer flare ups - just daily every morning!!!! would this have shown up in blood tests? also had a scan of gall bladder to check for stones but all clear!!


I have Bile Acid Disorder (BAD) which presents all the same symptoms as IBS-D. My GP gave me a trial-by-treatment of colestyramine about 4 months' ago and, once I got the dose right, it solved all my problems at a stroke. It's well worth asking about. There's a test you can have to see if BAD is your problem, it's called SeHCAT.


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