Does anyone have IBS without constipation or diarrhoea?

Everyone's IBS seems to be different, but I've not heard of anyone with IBS who doesn't get constipation/diarrhoea. I just get the pain, bloating and trapped wind. Sometime the trapped wind seems to build and build until it feels like it could almost burst in side. In social situations this is so worrying, the feeling for desperately needed to break wind, but knowing if you finally do it will be so loud and embarrassing.

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  • Yes mine is similar except that when it first developed at around Christmas I had nausea as well for 24 hrs a day. This lasted for about 4 ;months. Went on the fodmap diet English style (not as good as the Australian diet I gather) and the nausea has subsided although get it occasionally. Also had a period with very few symptoms but it came back although not so bad.and my bloating less than before although very uncomfortable .I also have feeling of not completely emptying bowel sometimes but only very slight constipation= regularly empty bowels once a day) and certainly no diarrhea. I have just read Dr John Hunter's book Irritable Bowel Solutions and he suggests that some bloating pain etc may be caused by over breathing or gulping in air when you breathe. This is usually a sign of or the result of anxiety ( and I have become increasingly anxious don't know if this applies to you.) Gives idea of how to improve breathing and other relaxation techniques. I have always been slightly puzzled about my diagnosis which was post infection ibs ( and with the infection if it existed I had no bowel problems only pain and nausea and wind so who knows?) HOpe this is of some little help sorry so long winded (?! )

  • This book is great. My IBS pain started after cleaning out for a colonoscopy--whatever it was I used irritated something. I have constipation because I have PD and PD grabs any pain and RUNS with it. So my pain is partly neuromuscular and partly from irritating foods so I recommend low FODMAPs diet (so does my GI doctor, who is an angel).

  • Hi there I am the same as you as only suffer the bloating, wind and hours of burping at times, especially when I lie down. Was surprised to be told probably IBS after a gastroscopy as could not find anything else. Have been on the FODMAP diet and it certainly helps and symptoms much better when I follow it, also retraining myself to eat slowly and chew thoroughly as this apparently can cause these problems. Really trial and error as not much support here in NZ.

  • I also get that uncomfortable feeling of not completely emptying my bowels sometime. I never associated it with constipation or IBS. I feel I need to go each morning otherwise I feel uncomfortable throughout the day, sometimes to the point of not wanted to go out. I don't know if that just normal or related to IBS. I've not noticed other people being bothered by this except me.

  • My son has IBS without constipation or diarrhea. He gets terrible intestinal cramping and nausea and just feels crappy for up to a week, sometimes longer. We have been almost completely gluten free since early September.

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