Lomotil supply?

Hello! Has anyone here successfully gotten a supply of lomotil in the past month or so? I rang the manufacturer when the pharmacist said there was a supply problem. They aren't expecting a supply until september, but there is a backup/emergency supply 'available' from a different pharma. But, when the pharmacist rang, it's an unlicensed, i think generic, supply, which requires a special note on the prescription, and the pharmacist thinks they won't be able to order it (six times the cost). this is the only medication that lets me get out of the house on the days that i need to eat as well, so i'm not sure what i'm going to do. any help or experiences appreciated!

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  • I have this problem, was given prochloracne as a alternative, I take two Lomotil before I go anywhere. (the Lomotil issue may be resoved now though or i thought it was, my chemist is a lloyds)May not solve the problem however it does slow things down and makes life a litte easier.

  • I use 2 Loperamide capsules 3 times a day and together with 3 doses of codeine I am able to have a normal life.

  • sigh. loperamide induces vomiting in me. I was taking codeine regularly, but need to balance that against migraines. I will go on codeine again I think if lomotil is not forthcoming. I've got buccastem for nausea, but haven't noticed an effect on the bowels.

  • I never found loperamide helpful either, but have frequently given thanks for Buscopan (which you can get OTC now). I also use codeine (not at the same time as the Buscopan though). Bearing in mind the addictive nature of the drug and the need to be careful with it, I get the 15mg tabs which enables me to titrate the dose in small increments if I have to,

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