Co-phenotroype /lomotil

Oh my god feel like my life has ended and every which way I turn I feel like no one understands !

I've been on co-phenotroype for 8 years I know there's been supply problem the last time we had troubles getting my meds I tried Imodium God it was past useless ! So I wait at the docs today for some help on changing tabs due to the supply probs and tell him about the Imodium and the only thing he suggest is loperimide , it's the same thing I said to him he shrugs his shoulders and that was it . Total waste of time I've rang just about every chemist near us had to listen to every pharmacist say oh there's supply problems , I know !!!!!!

I feel like no one gets it I sound like a right druggy and suppose in a way I am but they help me live what for me is a normal life !

Has anyone got any ideas really don't want to spend Xmas on the toilet !! Really don't know which way to turn .

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  • I live in Nothern Ireland and have the same problem,Imodium is no good to me either so I understand how you feel,I have had friends check out chemists in there area also it's a nightmare.

  • If diarrhorea is your problem you could be intolerant of lactose/dairy - have you tried intolerance tests and kept a food and bowel movement diary.

    If you are intolerant of lactose then immodium will be exacerbating the problem - a lost of tablet medication contains lactose

  • Thks for your reply I have a allergy to gluten /wheat . Had every test possible every thing comes back clear which is good but very frustrating !!

  • I don't know if it could be of use, but while on Chemo last year I developed sevier diarrhoea, had to go to A&E after 4 days with dehydration & they gave me a combination of loperimide & codine, which stopped the symptoms in its tracks, I had a similar flare recently & that worked for me again, so there seems to be some benefit of the two drug combination, maybe worth asking someone else's advice to try.

  • Thanks for your reply I've had a phone appointment with my doctor today he did mention codeine but said to try think it was called kaolin first , I just wish these pharmaceutical company's wouldn't play with people's lives they don't realise how much effect they have on you .

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