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The pain has become to much

I cant cope with the stonach cramps anymore this yr is become extremely worse my gp wont give me anything for it as im on muscle relaxants for a back problem ive had ibs for a few yrs now ive found potatoes make it worse especially boiled i dont know why this us my partner thinks im mad but they do im currently not on any meds for my ibs i was on antidpressants and still am before i had ibs i also had a few major surgerys before this i had 2 c sections a spleenectomty a hysterectomy and aslo a few lasaostopys but nothing compares to the pain im suffering from my ibs its so bad i cant even stand up straight ehen it starts i dont leave the house when it starts i also find that the smell is embarrassing im ashamed to say my friend visited while i was having a flare up and i was blaming the smell on my poor dog

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I have the same problem minus the smell.

Being celiac as well does not help, I am very carefull with diet and I too get worse problems with potatoes.

My stomach and belly are so huge by the time I go to bed I look very pregnant.....

I have been given the usually antispasmodics but nothing works, no pain killers work, I get about 2 - 3 hours sleep a night.......

My anxiety comes from nursing a sick hubby with cancer.

I would be gratefull if anyone can suggest a pain killer or medicine that will give me some rest.


try food elimination diet such as FODMAP's. I'm having some success and am excited that my GI doctor referred me to a nutritionist who knows about this.


Have you looked at other high carbohydrate foods? Do they affect you too? Might be worth keeping a diary and make a note of what you eat and how you feel.


I can well understand as I have been suffering too since childhood and now I am retired. I find I have to watch my diet as foods and combinations which were tolerable can suddenly cause flareups . Probiotic yoghurt has helped me in the past. I have also started prebiotics which helped my bloating but find I can't take them when having a bad flareup with diarrhoea.

I found CBT very helpful for the anxiety. Relaxation and breathing exercises practiced regularly really helped to ease my symptoms. I also found self help books very beneficial when suffering from acute anxiety .The best one I found was "THE ANXIETY AND PHOBIC WORKBOOK" BY E. Bourne available from Amazon. Some libraries stock some of his books too. My GI referred me to a CBT Therapist for the IBS. I can't afford to go regularly but a GP can make referrals too. Some have counselling services attached to their surgery.

Recently I started Tai Chi and I notice cramps and bloating can settle during and after a class.So I 'm going to keep at this. A medic also recommended yoga .

For me there have been good phases and bad. I always try to remember a good spell might be on the way on days when I am bad.

I hope things go well.



Hi Maryelle

I too went into a really bad faze while nursing my husband with cancer, caused by the worry and aprehension. this was 4 years ago [my husband sadly passed away]. Since then the Fodmaps diet has come about and the taking of pro-biotics and the two combined seem to be helping me greatly, I also cook all my foods from scratch and make sure I keep clear of onions, garlic or anything from that family i.e shallots, spring onions chives etc.

hoping this is of help




I am now taking probiotic tabs, does this mean I should take prebiotics as well ?

Thank you Hillyfilly, I am on constant alert with hubby, he is is in depression at the moment which we have only had once with him, he is a very positive man usually, he is just tired of fighting.......so more anxiety.

I will check on the garlic etc difficult when cooking for the family not to put garlic in dishes like curry etc.

I have discovered I can cope with sweet potatoes instead of "usual " pots. and of course they are full of nutrition...



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