Can anyone tell me if Symprove is something you have to stay on for life? I was on it for 6 months and had considerable benefits from it. I seem to be creeping back to my old symptoms but not sure??? Was in touch with Symprove before I stopped it and they said it was trial and error??? It is an expensive probiotic but the cost overcomes the results it achieves!!

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  • From what I have read, you're only supposed to be on it for a few months.

  • I've been on symprove for 3 months, and never felt so well, haven't taken it for 2 weeks and feel like my old symptoms are creeping back, so is it symprove or is it psychological ??, I don't know, but know how you feel, yes it is expensive, but if it make you feel good why not, didn't know IBS could be sooooo bad though, just wanted to let let you know your not alone

  • Hi Cimmy

    Thanks for your reply!! I am back on it now. I am sure too that my old symptoms are creeping back. Get a lot of pressure(?) - dont know how else to describe it??? I will tell you though I got 4 bottles of Symprove for £60 with postage. It is on Amazon. Makes it a bit cheaper!!!! £13.50 per bottle plus £6 postage so better to buy in bulk and it is the same postage. I will let you know how I get on back on it.

  • Hiya ive been tempted to try symprove myself its only the cost that puts me off! i have an information leaflet on it though that clearly states that in 12 weeks your gut should be fully restored to its proper balance and that many people feel better in a matter of days...My dietician however said she couldnt recommend symprove as hadnt seen any conclusive studies on it, they (at the NHS) recommend VSL3 pro biotic that apparantly GPs can prescribe.

  • I was on the trial and according to what I was told by the doctors, it was something to be used for the forseeable future. It didn't work for me though!

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