Hi everyone, I saw a Dietitian this afternoon, it was a bit confrontational as I hadn't been able to stick to the Fodmap diet in its entirety. Anyway, she recommended the probiotic Symprove to me, and mentioned it wasn't the cheapest of probiotics...Well,I've just found their site and seen the price:eek,£I58 .00 for a 12 week course??!!!

Have any of you tried this.please.and is it worth it?

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  • Hi cathope

    I have been on symprove for a good year on and off. I would buy monthly in batches of 4 bottles always looking for cheapest offers on line. It usually cost me about £63 a month. I took it for 3 months then gave it a rest for a while. Unfortunately for me I had womb cancer last year but still continued to take it all the way through my radiotherapy as this can aggravate the bowel more. I swear by it and think I could have had worse trouble If I hadn't been on it. I have now stopped it for a while to see how it goes! So far so good but definately combined with restricting certain fodmap foods it has improved greatly.

    Hope this was helpful susie

  • Yes - I have and it did not help me, but everyone is different. I think you will find if you look at Dr. Read's response's to questions about the Fodmap diet that he has reservations about following the diet in its entirety.

  • do you have a link to Dr Read's comments please?

  • Here is a link to the IBS Network site:

  • Hi I tried fodmap too and within a week I wasn't able to use my hands because of eczema caused by the foods. I was also recommended to use Symprove and have been using it daily since Nov 2014. I am allergic to sugar - basically carbohydrates - however since using symprove I have been able to introduce papaya and grapefruit into my diet without getting the symptoms sugar normally causes me. This doesn't sound alot but when there are only a few foods you can tolerate then being able to add even two more to the list it is significant. I would recommend trying it for three months at least to see how you get on but everyone is different.

  • I have used it off and on for about 3 years - especially when I have to take antibiotics for rosacea. I can't say it's a miracle cure but I feel better when I take it. All you can do is try it for a month and see how you go, because everyone is different as you can see!

  • I tried this,in fact still have a large bottle that cost me £18 but I stopped using it as it made me even more constipated, I was both C and D but found using this caused be more C even though it says it dosnt cause constipation,in my opinion would be better for those more D and it never eased or helped with the severe pain or bloating, but I think everyone is different works for some but not for others, I'm just having another bad time now after been fine for 4 weeks been terrible since Christmas, it's never ending

  • I also looked into Symprove, however I wasn't convinced by the reviews to pay such a high amount for it. I did further research and found Optibac probiotics. They are more affordable and have different strains for the type of problem you are having. I am using the one recommended for IBS-D along with their Every Day tablets. I have been using them for two weeks and my stomach is much more settled and doesn't make the noises that it used to. Fingers crossed ...

  • Thank you all very much, it's good to hear such a variety of opinions and experiences, I'd be interested to read what Professor Nick has to say about the Fodmap diet, I was made to feel like a naughty schoolgirl because I couldn't tolerate gluten-free bread!!

    I think I'll give Symprove a try for a month and see how it goes.

    Good luck to you all in your daily battles against this wretched IBS!

  • Prof Nick comments on Fodmaps several times in "Ask Prof Nick".

    I do sympathise about your experience with the dietitian. The one I saw treated me as if I was 5 years old and showed me plastic models of one portion of carrots and cauliflower! I almost walked out. She told me nothing I did not know already. I paid her quite a lot for her "advice".

    I have just started taking Alflorex which is a new precision biotic developed in Ireland and it is already helping.

  • I use Aligne Probiotics they are reccommended for IBS by my Gasterontologist, certain probiotics have certain strains of micro-bacterium that are shown to improve IBS symptoms, this is why the $10.00 drugstore type is not reccommended for IBS. My Aligne cost $42.00 Canadian for a month supply, its rather expensive compared to other brands but it does work. When you first start taking probiotics you will have a increase in gas, it takes a few weeks for your body to get used to them, and try to take with food as you get less gas that way.

  • Hi there, I was very sceptical about trying Symprove because of the price tag and also because I’d tried so many other probiotics before and none of them worked, (Optibac, Activia, Yakult, VSL etc) so I assumed that this would be the same. But when a second dietician recommended it to me, I gave it a go. I got worse for the first few days but then I carried on taking it and by week 2 I felt like a new person! Constipation had eased, inflammation started going down, bloating was reduced, more energy! I thought it was a fluke but I’ve just been getting better and better. I find I have to eat 70% low fodmap most of the time in conjunction with Symprove to stay this way, but it’s totally worth it. I’ve blogged about my experience here if you want to read: Good luck! Just keep trying new things, I promise you will find the answer that works for you. x

  • Hi there,oh I do hope I find the answer soon, my symptoms are really getting me down. Thanks very much for replying; I'm off to read your blog!

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