Hi everyone. I am on day 3 of taking symprove and yesterday and today I have had really bad wind. (I have a can of impulse on my desk at work). Lol.

Ive had mild cramps around mid-day and then lots of really unsociable wind for about 4 hours.

I don't know whether to keep taking it or not. I thought it might be the die off period, but ive had that before and this feels different.

Any ideas or advice would be welcome.


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  • Wherever you be let your wind blow free!

    On th whole it's a healthy sign

  • Hello,

    Please keep taking Symprove. It has been a godsend to me. Some people feel worse before they get better. You can phone them and they are very helpful.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for your advice. I have dropped the dose down to 20 today to see how I go.

    It has helped me with bowel movements however (I don't want to sound crude), the bm's seem to float on top of the water and it takes about 4 flushes for them to go! Lol. Not quite sure what that means but its certainly different to normal bm's.

  • Do phone the company for advice. I phoned to ask if it was okay on the FODMAP diet and was assured that Symprove was FODMAP friendly (ref. the gluten) - but I had to stop it after about 10 weeks as I had a nasal allergy to it, which disappeared 3 days after I stopped taking it.

  • Hi there,

    Which symprove are you taking ?

    The original flavour ? Or the sweet one ? Mango and passion fruit I believe it is.

    If you have issues with digesting certain sugars or fructose malabsorption the sweet one would cause the reaction you are having .

    Or at least that was it in my case .

    The original flavour is not unpleasant just takes a while to get used to . But as a probiotic it's really good and it does help to gut long term.

    Good luck .

  • Hi. Thanks for your advice. I am taking the mango one. Yeah I was thinking that but I didnt realise there's a plain one. I've just bought another months worth as well. Nevr mind.

  • Hi lamloum,

    Did the flavourless one help you then. I am a bit skeptical.

    I have got 3 unopened bottles of fruit one. Do u think symprove will let me exchange them?


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