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It works!

I blogged a few days ago about bench dips and how I finally managed to do the harder version. I found it very hard on my arms so I was really chuffed to finally crack it. Then at my exercise class last night, teacher looks at me exercising arms with my usual level of resistance bands - saying "that's too easy" I get handed a set of harder ones ! No way could I have used them a few weeks ago.

So to anyone starting out with S&F, it may take a few weeks to show results but if you do the exercises regularly it does make a difference. I've noticed it in my day to day life, carrying heavy shopping etc is just so much easier now. Thanks NHS for these podcasts!

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Lovely to read this. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)


Great post jenniej! Glad S&F has made a difference. This is the type of feedback that makes working for NHS Choices so rewarding! We're producing a new series of 10 minute workouts focussing on bingo wings, flat tummies and firm butts!


I think these podcasts are terrific (S&F and C25K). Do hope that the Department of Health realise how much we get out of them and carry on funding them. Great to hear about the next set of workouts - just what I need!


Will look forward to new workouts, especially 'bingo wings'!

I'm still finding new ideas to use for props for the current s and f exercises. Yesterday I was to be seen using a foot bridge over a stream!


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