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Podcast 1, again. :D

Still finding the knee squats a bit hard to do.

Co-ordination when doing the shoulder-press and rowing exercises while walking is improving.

Really felt the burn this time during the last two exercises (chest and upper back stretches), but it felt so good.

Particularly liked the standing press-ups. I've never ever been able to do a press-up in my life. This might just be the answer...

Feel that many of these exercises can be done on their own during the day... within reason.

No abdominal exercises, though? Or maybe they come later on...

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Here's a run down of all the exercises throughout the series:


There are no specific abdominal exercises. The current thinking in the world of fitness science is that the best way to strengthening your abs is by doing strength, balance and flexibility exercises that engage your core - which this series does.


I'm starting tomorrow. Knee playing up so doing it instead of a run. Going to try to do it indoors I think.

Viki :-)


Will look forward to reading your blog!

Perhaps the fitness editor will give you some help with your knee... he's very good about that sort of thing. ;-)


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