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Keep on keeping on in the cold

New challenge starting this week.

How are we all doing. We seem to have a dedicated little band of S&Flexers here, which is great.

It doesn’t matter if you achieved your last goals the main purpose of the challenge is to keep trying.

So again anything you want it to be to help keep you motivated.

Please feel free to join in.

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So this time I am going to stick with what is working for me and that is one mega session a week. I have been doing it now for three weeks every week and I love it so I want to keep going for the near future.

Race walk to the gym

Weights session

Staitionary Bike session

Stretch session including three sets of planks (I’m now up to 30 seconds)


Walk home

Tuesday rest.😳.

Each section is no more than 20 mins with some only being 10 min . It really seems to be making me stronger.

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Wow Rfc! That sounds really good - well done 😀. I have lapsed during the last few weeks due to moving house from one end of the country to the other! Now trying to get back into a routine but struggling 😕


Go easy on yourself. Moving takes its toll in so many ways. I’m sure you will find your new routine soon. Wishing you a happy time in your new home 😀.

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