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How is it going for everyone?

Hi there, I got the monthly reports yesterday and I know you are out there..........😀

How is everyone doing with their exercise and what are you doing? I think it helps everyone when we can see what everybody else is up too.

I doesn't matter if it's not the NHS ones I'm interested in what you are doing.

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I have just finished an NHS Physio dynamic core class, it was six weeks of intense core work. To be honest I hated every bit of it, I'm not a core sort of person but after the surgeon cut through my stomach muscles it was use it it lose it time and at 50 I'm not losing it.

The weird thing now is after 6 weeks hard work I don't want to lose everything I have gained. I have lost an inch of my stomach without dieting so even though I don't feel the love I'm going to try and carry on on my own.

So that is me., what about you?

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Hi RFC, you do get about on the Healthunlocked site :)

just started doing the Strength and Flex plan with Laura on my non-run days. Finding it good, but just came on here to find the videos to make sure I'm doing it right.its funny one of the first things I found on here was someone asking about doing the exercises with a frozen shoulder...cos' mine is just starting to be less stiff and I can just about do the reach behind stretch...

obviously, early days yet, but I do hope I can manage all of it.

now to look for those videos...


i found and watched them there are 16. I wasn't quite doing the rowing movement correctly.

not sure if i will be able to do the bench press with my frozen shoulder (no strength) but we shall see...


I found that just adjusting them slightly works as well. Never do any movement that causes pain take it to just before and it will help. My frozen shoulder is almost back to normal now and I have found the biggest thing that has helped it was time. The other week I was so pleased I could get a non clasp sports bra off easily for the first time In years, rather than doing a Houdini impersonation and then Getting stuck 😳😳😳. Hehe I look after a few forums on here, I do the walking for health one as well 😀.


Oooh being able to do a bra up normally and a sports bra unaided would be wonderful.

My physio has signed me off now and I can just about get my arm behind me a tad after 8 months. Washing hair a little less painful now.

How long have you been suffering witb yours RFC? Years? .. that on top of your post op recovery must be pretty miserable.😯.

I put weight on too with the not running for three months but its coming off again now I'm back out there.

Thanks for your advice. xx


I have had two separate bouts both at stress full times. It seems to be the intense stress that sets mine off. The first MrRfc was very ill and bed bound for 11 months and my physio said I won't be able to sort this out until please MrRfc is better because you can't relax your shoulder enough for the sports massage to take hold. All he could do was keep me going and I went to see him every month for a time out. The next one is when we found out MRfc's kidney was failing before we knew about me being a donor and that took me three months not running and physio then as I started getting back to it swimming back stroke and running helped. I can't remember how long it took in all probably around 6 -8 months but now it is absolutely fine. All I would say is do the exercises thy gave you religiously I did my physio exercises every day, especially the one with the door frame and the dumbbell rows. Good luck I really do feel your pain smooth healing.

Rfc x.

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I'm glad to hear you are over it now.x

Stress triggered..ooer😯 if you didn't have enough to cope with...

I am exercising daily and did some swimming on holiday (couldn't go on my back though!) just breast stroke.

Its reassuring to hear that things will go back to normal in time..

Best wishes to you and MrRfc xx


Only just found this post, sorry....I am still struggling to get into a routine especially being so busy with the B&B but try to fit in stretches after my runs. It is the core strength I really need to do. I am going to take another look at the S&F exercises and try to fit them into my day. Thanks



Don't forget to have a look at the bridge forum on Monday we are doing a core exercise a week for running Strength from my dynamic core class. 😀💪💪💪


Oh, that sounds like just what I need to get motivated! Thanks very much 😁


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