The 21 Day Stretch - Feel free to join

The 21 Day Stretch - Feel free to join

The 21 Day stretch - please feel free to join

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The 21 Day stretch - please feel free to join

It will be a 21 stretch day quest. You can do 3-7 days a week depending on your ability. Just tick off the days and complete 21. When you have finished there will be a quest completed post with a certificate you can download and virtual badge. If you want to do the ultra quest and do every day for 7 weeks then there will be a special certificate for you and a different badge.

You can use any stretches you like, if you have specific physio work please do them exactly the way they have recommended and the quest to fit it with your physio program

If you are going to be using the NHS stretches for the quest here is the link so you can use them. The videos to use are the 5th to the 9th.

Good luck everyone
















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  • Hydrotherapy is helping to make all the stretches feel a little easier. Still really having to push myself to do my stretches though it doesn't come naturally. 😀.

  • I have continued doing my physio stretches most days - but they are not really doing much ( they are from some physio I had last year following a trapped nerve, and my doctor recommended I restarted them after a flare up a couple of months ago).

    Fortunately I have a new physio appointment this week, so he might give me some new ones to do :)

  • So, saw the physio on Wednesday - some new stretches and some the same. But all to be done a few times a day, every day!!! Back again in 3 weeks to see how these ones are going and no doubt give me some more!!

  • Can I join please


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