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Grrrr ! Frustration


I am 69 years. I have been a Midwife prior to retirement which doesn't really suit me, I love to care but somehow cannot care about myself, now I have the time I don't know - how to ? For me I procrastinate ! My last 20 years I thought would be mine were not therefore I want the next 20 years to be mine- for sure !! I have given myself till my next birthday to be the best of me I can be, I am prepared to do all I can to achieve this, but it is a very lonely place, I would love company. I have given me a problem, as I have grown over-weight in the last three years I have refused to buy myself appropriate clothes to go to social places or partake in hobbies I enjoy - because I am not worthy, I do not deserve them therefore not having appropriate clothes I cannot go out to meet people, so I remain alone which is foreign to me as I am a people-person. I have no photo, I will not allow my picture to be taken. Grrr !

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Welcome to our little forum. It is a quiet forum on here but we are supportive. We also have our walking for health forum and couch to 5km forum which is a lot busier. How do you want to start you new life? On the walking for health forum we have a beginners walking group which is very inclusive and you can go at your own pace. Here we are about to start a stretching challenge and there is also the Stregnth and flex podcasts which are a great foundation for fitness.

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Thank-you Administrator, At present I have started going to the gym for an hour a day Mon. to Frid. I have been given a 'circuit' which I repeat x 5 with great variation. It takes me approx. the hour. I am not sure how long it will be till this is changed but it is proving great resulting in me feeling 'looser and fitter'. I have a long way to go I know, I would certainly be interested in the Strength and Flex., it is the suppleness I miss the most but I do feel NOW it is certainly possible!


Sounds like your doing well and feeling the benefits. The stretches that we are starting on the stretch Quest will help with suppleness, feel free to join us on the quest. Keep us informed of how your gym work is going.


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