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Push ups for ladies

Hello everyone, it's my first time posting here.....

I will be honest I'm really bad at any type of strengthening but when I make myself I do see results in my running....

I have been working on my push ups for months and I am slowly progressing to a full one but I really struggle. I generally do lady ones on blended knees and that's tough!

Does anyone have any tips on how I can improve as I am desperate to be able to do full ones and maintain that?

Thankyou 😎

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I started with the wall ones which are great for beginning push ups then went to the floor ones. I found that my wrists were feeling it before my chest was. I bought one of the door frame pull up bars that has foam handles. I found this was great for doing lady push-ups on the floor and it's so much easier to get into and stay in position. I got a good one on Amazon for only £8-9, but you can get them in most good sports places. I'm too scared for the door frames to use it for pull ups, MrRfc would not be impressed if I took out the door frame😀.


I struggle with these too Ju, my upper body strength is pitiful to be honest !

Thats a great idea Rfc , using those on the floor. Yes I must admit, I would be a bit scared too of the door frame collapsing around my ears mid push-up ! :-)

I am seriously short of floor space in my little matchbox of a flat. Plus I have no rug at the moment due to one of my Pugs deciding to throw up on it and I couldnt get the honk out . I am thinking of getting a Yoga mat or something similar . Theres ways around it if Im determined enough :-) xxx

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You can position your hands differently to use different muscles in your upper body. If you put the hands close together they will help strengthen your triceps, normal width will use your biceps more. Also different hand width can use your back more or your chest muscles more. Try looking it up on google.

Also make sure you tighten your abs etc so you put more effort into the moving muslces and support your back, then you might gain more strength.

This isn't much advice but I hope it helps you.

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