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Blister like lump and bruising on my pinky toe any 1 else had or have this

Just need to no if any 1 can tell I am aware I don't have raynauds in my feet. But about 4 weeks ago. I noticed a lump and bruise on my pinky toe. Only to become very sore a few days later. But I could walk on it and touch it. So it not broke. But I no I haven't banged it. Still after all that time I have still got the lump and bruising gone a little bit. Any ideas if conected some how please

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As far as I know if you have Raynaud's, you have it in any extremities.


I only get it in 1 hand myself as well at the minute. But I wad only diagnosed last year Feb. So there's time yet I suppose. This is on my toe constantly tho. It doesn't come and go like raynauds normally does. Its strange to be honest. It does look as tho iv banged it and that's what's happened to it. But I no I haven't banged it. Never mind il see how it goes. Thanks for replying still. Hope things are ok as can be with yourself and others who suffer RSA. X


RSA members meant to put. X


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