does anyone with sd have bowel problems

i have crest sd, tumous calification. it is 2 inch on thigh bones and i have awlful leg pain, now im having some bowel problem. the gas dr. says i cant get all bowels out and it causes a lump between bowell and vagina. i take stuff to lossen bowell but still have problems. i dont do any exercise because i am in such awlful pain. do any of you have this with sd. i am on all kinds of pain meds and i still cry with pain in my legs/ my veins are broken bad. im 67 and boy i pray some days please god take me home. its no life, i loss daughter with cancer 5 yrs ago, and that has just broken me. i pray and cry to my lord. i would like to talk to others who have this, thanks so much, belle

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  • It is quite hard to understand your message. But I think that you are describing the symptoms I used to have some years ago. I am not sure what you are treated with. Best wishes.

  • Hello bellejewel. I understand what you are going through. I also have scleroderma and raynauds and as a result I have had problems with my bowels for ages. I am also on quite a number of medications as well as I also have problems with my lungs. I don't have much advise to give but just to say keep hanging on. It is my faith in God that keeps me going too. It will get better. Will keep you in my prayers.

  • thanks demi, its nice to talk to others with this awlful mess. im lucky just to get up a little during day. the meds help about 3 hrs.i have so much leg pain, do you. god i pray for a cure. some people think why cant u exercise and get going, i sometimes think im so depress that i think is this my fault, im i not trying to help myself more. i just cANT GET GOING, i just hurt. do you fell this way/ love to know your thoughts about this desease. i wake up with pain, take meds, try to get walking. , i have lumps in arms, hands hurt from calium, are you like this, god bless

  • Hi! All my problems started with a diagnosis of Celiac Disease. Then it seemed like a snow ball effect. Once I got on my strict diet, then all my symptoms for everything else went haywire. Have you been check for celiac or gluten intolerance? Also, you could have problems with too much good bacteria. I would see if you can get in with a GI dr and get that checked. I suffer more from gut issues than some of my SD issues. Good luck and don't give up!

  • I have the same problem with bowel/vagine etc. The only answer is Keegal(spelling?) exercises which you can do lying down or even sitting. It's to strengthen the muscles running across the anus and vagina. If those exercises don't work then there is a little op; they can give you to tighten those muscles. Don't leave this as if it gets worse you'll have a bad problem of not being able to control it one day. Try the gluten free. it works well. I have Diverticulitis as well, which doesn't help. Good luck

  • thanks to all, im praying god please take this away.god if you have good health you have alot. god bless thanks. bell

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