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Small Calcified lump in abdomen

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Hello there, I have scleroderma and Sjogrens. Two years ago I felt a tiny pea-sized lump in my abdomen. I was referred for scans and they diagnosed a 5mm, benign calcified lump. Since then I’ve had intermittent pain around it. My rheumatologist says it can’t be linked to scleroderma, but she’s not very knowledgeable about the disease. So I was wondering if anyone else have anything like this? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Duck33,Hopefully someone will come back to you who has more experience. All I can tell you is that I have a calcium lump deep within my thigh muscles & I was told it wasn't near anything likely to cause harm and indeed despite having it for around 8 years it has not caused any pain.

What I take from that is if it is near something like a nerve, blood vessel, organ, then perhaps it would cause pain & problems were it to push against them. I know calcium deposits in the fingers can be very painful & they have lots of nerves, blood vessels etc.

So I think it might depend on what it pushes against as it grows. Sorry I can't be more definite.

Take care,

Sarah x

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Duck33 in reply to sarahsch

Hi Sarah,Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m so grateful. Very interesting to read your reply. And I think you’re right about the position being the problem. It feels like there’s a lot going on around it and It’s more painful when exercising, and driving etc, and after a meal. I had a scan 18 months ago when it flared up before, so maybe I need another one to see whether it’s growing bigger and that’s why it hurts more. I’m also wondering if it’s made worse by scar tissue, too, after two c-sections. All feels a real jumble in there. Thanks so much again. Take care. X

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Ricexxjm in reply to Duck33

Hard to find anyone that is very knowledgeable about crest.

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Midgebite21 in reply to sarahsch

Hi Sarah,About 7 years ago I had a strange calcified lump removed from my butt cheek. They wanted to remove it as the edges of the lesion were not uniform ie not smooth. Histology was inconclusive as to the cause but ruled out malignancy. Consultant that preformed the procedure was unsure if my scleroderma was anything to do with it and suggested it was most probably due to trauma. I sit heavily on my left butt cheek due to right hip issues.

If you feel it is changing go back to your GP and inform them of the pain your having.

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Duck33 in reply to Midgebite21

Thanks so much for the information. I really appreciate it. I've got a GP appointment in a couple of weeks time, so I'll definitely get it checked out again. Thanks again and take care. x

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Ricexxjm in reply to Midgebite21


Duck33,Please ensure you read the comment above in this chain which was sent to me but I think was intended for you.


I also have trouble with temps too low or too high, intolarunt to heat there a treatment.

No calcinoisis yet. When can I expect it.

Hello Duck 33. I too have scleroderma and sjogrens. I have one of those nasty little calcium lumps on my shin bone, I can feel some very small ones also. And horror of horror I can feel some tiny ones on my nose (that's going to be a laugh a minute if they get big). Mine aren't painful. They start at the size of a grain of sand and sometimes I can scratch off the ones on my arms - nasty little blighters. Consultant said not to try to remove them as it could cause infection. He said if they get too big they can be surgically removed.

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Duck33 in reply to Betsie

Thanks Betsie, really appreciate you replying. These calcium things are really horrible, aren't they. Really hope your nose ones don't develop. Just wish there was a way to prevent them. Thanks again and you take care. x

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