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can anyone help

my 14yr old daughter was diagnosed with raynaurds 12 months ago she also suffers with a lot of knee and shoulder pain but has had a few bouts of costochondritis this occurs when the cartlidge that connects the breastbone to the ribs becomes inflamed could this be linked to the raynauds or has anyone else suffered with this as the bouts last up to 2 weeks

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Hi Josie........I am an adult with raynauds and scleroderma ......I suffer from painful Knees, shoulder pain and frequent episodes of my knowledge, non of the medical staff that I have been reviewed by have stated that there is a connection between raynauds and the symptoms you or your daughter describes.........Scleroderma is a connective tissue disease and raynauds is one of the symptoms.......perhaps your daughter requires blood tests and further investigations to rule out any other underlying of luck with everything and I hope your daughter receives the appropriate treatments X


thank you x


I have had Raynaud's all my life, & a more recent diagnosis of lupus. Costo-chondritis is one of my on-going symptoms too. It seems to be common with auto-immune diseases. It must be distressing for you & your daughter to cope with all this.

I agree with wartsandall, further investigations would be a good idea, to establish the actually cause.

Best wishes. X


THANKs 4 replying we r seeing the specialist again in feb so im trying to get as much info as possible as everytime we see them she just seems to say the same and i feel that these bouts r getting more frequent


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