Help!!! Can anyone and everyone please help me

Hey guys, I really need some help to find some literature on the effects to the body from raynauds.. I have just moved in to my lovely new eco home gave to me by the council... I had written permission to install a health aid of which is an eco wood burning hot tube... as I can't afford to go in heated swimming not that there's one hot enough around here and I find the hot tube is great as it warms your bones and everything up in the in side.. and helps relax my tired body as I'm never with out an attack... my neighbour has complained that it leaks when if does in fact the water that went in her garden was the water from my partner put green ever grow grass stuff.. and low and behold the water that's on her side of the fence is green.. we water our grass as if have a dog which pees on it which then kills the grass... she has made so many complaints it's unreal.. said that the fire smoke had got in her vents and made her whole house and even clothes in her draws smell of house fire... yet the chimney goes up to the roof of our house! She has now but cameras up which are facing towards my garden and front door... this is now triggering my bipolar off which in turn is triggering my raynaulds.. she has now gone above our housing officer and complain more... even tho it had rained heavy all night and day and we didn't put the hot tube on , yet it still leaked and soak and racked her wooden furniture that's outside... I really need some help and stuff to print of so she and the council can understand my condition s and that she needs to stop ... all I'm doing is laying with my feet up to stop them from being purple. I can't go out to my garden as the camera is facing me.. I don't want to go out the front door fir the same reason.. so not only do I feel imprisoned my raynauds n bipolar now I'm got her to ... sorry for the rant:( I 've just really had enough...

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  • Hand over some of the magazines from RSA if you are a member. If not I expect there are some good articles on their site...

  • Contact your MP and see if their office can help, Not sure, but think it's Tobias Ellwood for Bournemouth East ? Call 01202 397047 and let them know what's going on :)

  • I would be checking out the RSA website for any articles (if you are a member they may even be able to supply you some). NHS choices website may also hold some of the more basic details on symptoms, treatments, etc...Even your GP/Rheumatologist should be able to provide you with some paperwork/helplines/support groups.

  • Hi,

    If you go to the RSA Website and go to this link you can download their leaflets and pass some of them to your neighbour? or contact and ask for an Awareness pack. I have done this in the past and found it really useful.

  • Contact Anne MAUDESLEY on the RSA website. She will advise you.

  • I bought the book "living with Raynaud's" from the Raynaud's and scleroderma association, of which I am a member, the book is absolutely brilliant and informative.

  • Hi fairygoddess.....

    Ah Im sorry to read you are having problems with youir new home.

    Im not sure how legal the positioning of cameras on your rented property is .... Article 8 of the Human Rights Act defines the right to privacy .... also I would recommend you log / diarise the events as it could be you have a valid complaint under the harassment legislation. In which case, you would have to make a complaint to the police, and they would then go and verbally warn your neighbour under the statute. after this, should you experience any further 'harassing' behaviour or intimidation, a 999 call will get them arrested.

    As for any accusations, I am sure that so long as you can show that you have made reasonable adjustments to any valid complaints, you should be ok !

    I hope my career hat before the scleroderma and raynauds diagnosis had different plans for me, is of help to you !? Day 2 of being indoors for me, due to the constant rain and a cracking ulcer on my 4th finger on my right hand and a huge lump of calcium in the bend of my left knee ! Living the dream :) x

  • Thanks living the dream.. I am feeling a lot better today.. a few nights in the hot tub has done me the world of good.. just need to get my sleeping pattern sorted... I hope you heal as best and as fast as poss... x x x

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