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Can anyone recommend a mobile phone with a touchscreen that actually works if you have Raynaud's?

I find that mobiles with a touch screen keypad don't work for me, this is probably because they work due to heat from your fingertips so assume it's down to Raynaud's.

Has anyone found a mobile that works? Now that most of the manufacturers are replacing keypads with touchscreens I am finding my options limited.

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Hi, SuzanneCC, you can get gloves - silver tipped. This is a brief description:

Special silver coated fibre fingertips allows the wearer to use touchscreen devices whilst wearing the gloves Compatible with capacitive touchscreen devices, including the iPad and iPhone and all touchscreen devices Will not scratch or damage your screen Lightweight and fits any sized hands. Made of a uniqe cotton spandex mix TECH TOUCH GLOVES WITH SILVER COATED NYLON FIBRE TIPS - NEW IPHONE 5 / 4 / 4S - GALAXY S3 / S3 MINI / S2 - NOKIA LUMIA 920 / 820 - HTC ONE X / V / S - NEXUS 4 - WINDOWS 8X AND ALL SMARTPHONES/TABLETS WITH TOUCHSCREENS

I found them on Amazon.

Hope this helps?

This is the link to those gloves but there are loads out there.



They are not so heat sensitive. I bought a couple of rubber tipped stylus things on ebay for 99p. They are just a bit of tube with a soft rubber end.

I can't find the ones I got now, but these are very similar - ebay.co.uk/itm/171014274102 - or search for phone sytlus, I saw a pack of 10 for £1.20 ;)

The only drawback was that by plugging the other end into the headphone socket, as they suggest, I couldn't hear my phone ring !


Thanks for the advice, at that price it's got to be worth a try so I've ordered one. Cheers


I found a pair of woollen gloves with the finger tips, treated for mobile phones, in Monsoon. Good luck in your search.


I am so glad I read this now as I've had the same problem, it never occurred to me that it could be due to my raynauds. I used to hv Samsung touchscreen which was so bad, assuming it was the phome I then changed to iPhone and find although it happens occasionally, it's better with iPhone ..


Hi have tried many different phones now I have a stylus which is fab, I have also swapped laptop for iPad which has made life a little easier for me xxxx


The first touch screens make me constantly want to hurl it out of the window but I had a samsung galaxy S & it was fine then last yr upgraded to the S3 & as mentioned above the glove really work - I bought some that are like magic gloves (ie stretch to fit) with the silver tips from a local market stall for about £2 & saw the thicker ones in the sales online for £6 doI invested!


Thanks all, i struggle even in the summer, i'll give the stylus a go and get a pair of the magic gloves :)


Galaxy note 2 fantastic ive had mine 3 weeks had bb torch which over the last 18 months was getn more an more difficult 2 use...galaxy note 2 is quite bigger but as I cant make a full fist 2 grab a smaller fone I love it didnt think I wud there r small versions of samsung s3, ace, mini,, gi 2 a tesco thats what u did an messed witha 1st b4 I got my upgrade an touch screen gloves wor to I got mine from a poundshop...


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