Can anybody help stop the itching?

Hi I was born with raynauds (I'm now 28) but it didn't get diagnosed until I was 14 by which I had a reasonable amount of capillary damage. I have always suffered with itchy hands and feet occasionally when they warm up to quickly after an attack, but this year it has been terrible my extremities don't even have to be warm and I'm ripping myself to pieces it's keeping me up all night and I can't seem to find a way of stopping... Does anybody else experience this or know how to deal with it?

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  • There are some numbing creams/gels on the market, which may assist... doesn't really help the raynaud's but it can help. The doctor can prescribe more effective versions. Sometimes painkillers can be effective too.

  • I have itchy ankles and legs but possibly not as bad as yours. I rub in plenty of Aquueous cream when they start itching and this seems to more or less stop it. I try to do this as quickly as possible as I have found the more I scratch the more I itch! Good luck.

  • IV had itchy feet only last week. Like U they was keeping me awake and drivin me insane constantly. My feet are amess now with it but not itched at all since I read up on this site what to do. And do U no what stopped them emulsifying bp ointment. Just a cheap tub from boots. Not mire than a £5 any way. And only need a bit just to cover ur toes or where ever is itching U. Please let me no if U try this and if it works for U as well. I am really made up with it

  • I get very itchy hands, lower arms & legs and have tried many different creams etc & not a great deal has worked but the specialist Rheumatolgy Nurse suggested I tried Diprobase Ointment, it is very thick & a bit like vaseline, it has helped but I had some really bad patches one day & I use Eurax cream & left it on for about 15 mins to let it soak in & then put lots of Diprobase over the top & this helped greatly.

    I know that sometimes when I get bad patches I end up with dreadful bruising from it which go black so do try to avoid scratching - easy said than done I know.

  • Fully empathise with you or anyone else that has had to suffer itchyness of any sort - my two children suffered extreme eczema and I too have terrible reaction to types of water that I had boil-like spots on my fingers and toes. I've had it for so long and came to terms with it that I actually forgot until you mentioned it! Not sure, but I use vaseline or any aloe-vera gel/based products and these seem to keep the itchyness at bay after an initial reaction. The other thing I found to help was to ensure that I drink plenty of water, cold during the hot months, and hot water during the winter. This internal hydration seems somewhat to help...

  • You may need an antihistamine like Claritin,Allegra, I have Scleroderma which causes over production of histamine that makes me itch like crazy. I take a claritin everyday and it stops it. Good Luck!

  • I too itch like mad! I take Benadyrl and use Benadryl ointment. It helps for a while. Be sure you have your kidney functions tested sometimes itching is a symptom of kidney disease.

  • i am troubled big time at moment itching, my feet arms around middle back and stomache driveing me mad .and my shins ive fetched blood and am full of bruises ive been useing aqius cream .i have had bloods do twice resently and both showed

    raised liver function .does it settle itself down ? im a bit of a querry as i also got epilepsy and can get raised liver funtion after a fit so i dont know which

    its from ggrrr

  • I don't have a solution, but I'm in the same boat as you. Primary Raynaud's and epilepsy. I haven't had a seizure for over a year (thank god) but noticed that the itching was unbearable afterwards. I always seem to get itchy as soon as I go to bed. I'm covered in scars from scratching my skin right off in my sleep. It's shit.

  • Thanks for the replies guys, I have tried various creams as my son has bad eczema however this isn't like eczema there is no dryness to the skin in the areas I'm itching. I think I will try antihistamines and see how that goes, CWats I had kidney stones 9 months ago and they discovered my kidneys are functioning below 60% (im only 28) and nobody knows the reason why they aren't functioning properly could this be why it's become so much worse?

  • IF i were you would ask dr to check ur kidney and liver fupnction if either of these organs not working properly that can cause itch. I have PBC a liver disease and also Ryanauds as a consequence of the PBC. I am not saying you have that but be worth asking dr to do few blood tests. I suffer with the dreaded itch all the time but thankfuuly af the moment is fairly well controlled on the med I am on for it. If antihistaimines or creams dont help the cause of the itch is most likey caused by something well beneath the skin. Best of luck hope you get something to give you relief soon. When the itch is bad it can really make life miserable and be very isolating.

  • I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with raynauds when oh was 20. It used to be really bad in my hands but now only my feet. I know exactly what you mean when they start itching, It's almost unbearable. I find that the only thing that helps is aquaphor or Vaseline then wrapping toliet paper around each toe.

    Sometimes I find that my toes start throbbing with pain, even when I am in a warm place. Do you have that problem?

    Hope I was able to help.

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