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Pain management

How do you cope with the pain, I'm taking Tramodol, ibuprofen and paracetamol for fun and I still can't sleep for long periods as the pain wakes me up all the time. I'm getting desperate for pain relief now, any suggestions please, just started on Nifedipine and got a vascular appointment in 3 days, if I haven't cut my fingers off by then. I have also read everywhere to keep warm, warming my fingers makes the pain worse from unbareable to excruciating.

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Hi, I do attend a Pain Clinic - totally and utterly USELESS. Tried Nifedipine, made my pain worse, tried Codeine Phosphate prescribed by Pain Clinic - totally useless. Tried Ametriptiline (can't spell it) - again totally useless :( Back in August 2011, I reached the stage and asked a Vascular Consultant to amputate my feet or cut the nerves, in fact I've asked three times now for the amputation. So acezero, I know how you feel.


Im the same but I have it in my arm/hand. I find nothing eases the pain and have also asked a few times about amputation but no 1 even replies to my plea. I am left handed and its my left hand/arm I suffer with. But I wouldn't refuse amputation tomorrow if they agreed to it.


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