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BBC Wales programme - Pain Management


I managed to record this programme and watched with interest this morning. Raynaud's or scleroderma were never actually mentioned as conditions. Everyone who took part was very brave to highlight the need for Health Authorities to look at pain management as a 'condition' in its own right so that people are referred as quickly as possible to this service as part of a pathway of care.

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So sad that the BBC decided not to mention Raynaud's or scleroderma as it would have been such an opportunity to create awareness but well done for trying! They were given details of the Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association so maybe the details are on their Action Line?

Kevla in reply to AHM42

From kevla,

I missed the programme as I cannot get BBC Wales but where are the people who were advocating it on this site. Think it was "no-one" and "little miss shy" who gave the date 28th May and one of them was supposed to be on it with her mother as I recall. is it worth trying to get it on Iplayer?


Hi AHM42. Not sure what details the BBC Action Line holds on the RSA as they never contacted the head office direct for information or to tell us that it was being aired. It hasn't created any extra calls or enquiries to the office today.

For those of us not receiving BBC Wales, do you know if it is on iplayer; what was the programme called?


The programme is called Week In Week Out and you can see a clip from the programme Wales in Pain using this link

I watched it on iplayer last night - the whole episode.

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