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Sudden Mini cuts on hand. HELP please! Advice needed


Hi there! Today was just a regular day: cleaning house, running errands, and doing the dishes. After I was done with the dishes, I noticed a aim when I made a fist. I looked at my palm,and there are these tiny (like paper cuts) on 3 of my fingers. It's at the tip and everytime I bend the 3 fingers it hurts. Not a terrible pain, but I'm concerned because it came out of nowhere. While I was doing dishes, I came in NO contact of steak knives or anything sharp. I know my body better than anyone, and this has never happened to me. It's very unusual. So if anyone has any insight or advice, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Abby

It sounds like you are panicky. First of all try to calm down...take a deep breath and slowly let it out. Panic sends the wrong messages to our bodily functions.

Did you have your hands in water a long time or in harsh detergents? I have very fragile skin. Even limited water exposure will zap the moisture from it. I will often find cuts after cleaning or dishes. I won’t know it until I get soap or salt in them or when bending them. Sometimes I will find blood without a clue I even hurt them.

I have neuropathy now and these tears often can’t be felt.

I try to wear protective gloves to keep the limited moisture I have protected.

Have you tried to apply lotion to them? Do the cuts bleed? Is your skin tight usually? What diagnoses do you have currently?


Hi. Yes I tend to panic sometimes when I'm unfamiliar (when it comes to anything happening to my body). Thank you for responding to me. I didn't have my hands under the faucet that long. The water was a bit hot, but I added cool water soon after. I have never had any cuts or anything while doing dishes before. I haven't tried to apply lotion to them, they aren't bleeding. The only thing I've been diagnosed with is just low blood sugar & that's it. I will definitely take your advice & wear gloves next time! I am sorry to hear that you have neuropathy :( I couldn't even imagine...

Do you have Raynauds? Do you have any circulation problems?

I have been plagued with health problems all of my life. For the most part I was forced to either ignore the problem or treat them myself as I had a very ill mother who couldn’t take care of me.

There is a vey knowledgeable lady member called Twitchytoes that I am following who is a wealth of information. I have been reading her posts for months now.

I have Raynauds Phenomenon it started when I was 12 now that’s been 55 years. I got it from my dad. He has it in his hands only and has progressed to the point of his fingers turning almost purple. I get the circulation problems hands and feet but nowadays it shows up anywhere it chooses. Have you ever had these symptoms?

You will find many wonderful people who tell their stories and give great advice on this site.

Pay attention to your symptoms write them down with date time activity weather conditions etc. make a chart at home to keep your notes stored in. Get copies of tests surgery and pathology reports for your chart so you have this info for all future doctors visits and hospitalizations. This will be proof that will hopefully prevent doctors from telling you ...”it’s all in your head.”

I am willing to listen and support you as will many members.


No, I don't have any circulation problems. I rarely go to the doctor, because I'm currently unemployed and I don't have insurance so it gets expensive. I know that it is unwise to ignore anything health wise.

And thank you, I will follow Twitchytoes and see what's on their page too! That is a wise idea to keep a journal of some sort to write my symptoms & all that down.

Thank you for the advice, & I will make sure that I do pay attention to my symptoms & write them down.

I appreciate you listening and giving me insight. ✌️💚

I’m glad to know you don’t have circulation problems. I understand about the job loss and insurance problems.

I don’t go to doctors much myself because I have had to many of them disbelieve me so I wasted my time and lots of money over the years too.

About your hands: make sure you dry them well. Apply lotion frequently. Watch your fingers and palms to see if there is a pattern when the cuts appear.

In Winter our skin gets dry from the furnace heat. In the Summer air conditioning causes skin dryness also. Make sure you stay well hydrated.

I have low blood sugar too. I’ve had the diagnosis since my 20s. I don’t remember skin issues from it. However I do know that diabetes does have skin issues. Have you ever been told your blood sugar is so bad that you’re borderline diabetes?

Every 10 years our bodies go through hormone changes as a natural part of aging. Genetics plays a big part of it as well as environmental exposures. Also if you tend to be a worry wart this causes stress and can make illnesses form.

Whenever you have concerns or questions just put up a post and someone will reply and try to help you. Just remember not to panic. A lot of members can suggest ways to help or where you can go to get help.

Where are you located? I’m in Michigan USA.


I haven't had a doctor tell me i was border-line diabetic. As soon as you mentioned genetics though, half of my dad's side of the family is diabetic. And I will be sure and try to see if there is a pattern with these cuts. I usually apply lotion every time I get out of the bath/shower. But I will make sure I treat my hands first rather than my arms! Lol

Hello AbbyMarie, I seem to get tiny cuts as well, infact I have 2 at the moment one on my middle finger on my right hand and on my ring finger on my left hand, both on the backs of my hands! Having only just got rid of 2 other cuts on my forearms! I get a bit lax with applying creams and oitments, I just dont want to slide everywhere haha. Anyway I hope you find a solution, try not to panic and remember it doesn"t stop us from smiling and waving.

Hiya often catching my hands without realising it, applying something like antiseptic cream on cuts will hopefully stop them from becoming infected, I agree with previous comments about keeping your hands moisturised might help, and also the previous comments about us being here to support you

Thank you!

I’d say in addition to the journal, take photos

Thank you Bear! Great addition. Pics speak volumes


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