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Locking fingers. Is it connected to raynaud's?

Hi all, I'm new to this but you seem to know a lot more than I do. I've got Raynauds which affects both hands and one foot.

Recently I've been experiencing different problems with two fingers, whenever I try to do anything, pick something up, open a jar or bottle, or try to use a pen etc, one or both of these fingers completely lock. I can't move them at all and I get excruciating pain up the inside of my forearm to about halfway. It doesn't last for bey long each time but it's very painful and debilitating.

Does anyone else experience this?

Is it connected to Raynauds?

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Hi there, it sounds like trigger finger to me. Here is the link to the NHS webpage to see if it matches your symptoms.


It certainly doesn't sound like a symptom I associate with Raynauds. Raynauds affects the circulation and can make you slow and clumsy when you are having an attack but should cause sudden or severe pain of finger locking.

All my best

Lucy xxx


Thanks Lucy I'll check out the NHS link.

I didn't think it was connected to my Raynauds as it's not usual the usual symptoms.


Hi there Kimi9, like Lucyjean I think this is trigger finger and probably not associated with Raynaud's. My mother gets this a lot and suffers from polymyalgia rheumatica, might be worth exploring. Hope you find an answer. Best wishes

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Thank you AnnieMc, I'm going to speak to my GP


I had this problem some 2 or 3 years ago.The middle finger of my right hand felt as if it was blocked.The matter , like other matters specifically tied to this disorder , just went away.


Hello Kimi9.

It might be connected to Sclerodactyly (i.e. 'stiff fingers') which is part of the CREST syndrome.

Best wishes to you.



Thanks for your reply Tim, I've never heard of the Crest syndrome or Sclerodactyly, may be worth finding out more?

My GP wasn't much help, she said she didn't think it was connected but not sure, or it could be tendons?


As I understand Scleroderma, everyone's symptoms are different. CREST is a bag name for a collection of symptoms, some of which are likely to be present in each case. It seems that the most useful diagnosis nowadays is to work out whether one has progressive or a limited form of the disease.

There is something called myopathy (muscle illness) which can accompany Scleroderma. I had that five years ago but it (and other problems) have since been successfully treated using drugs (i.e. condition stabilised). However your illness seems to be in your tendons rather than muscles - they may have calcinosis in them.

As an aside, Scleroderma has destroyed the flexure in the middle fingers of both my hands (they are now curled under), making it look as though I am missing the middle fingers of both hands. A strange symmetry, but a person trained in acupuncture told me that these fingers are part of a meridian called the Heart Protector, so there may be some inscrutable logic to my particular affliction !


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