connection between digestive problems and raynauds

Hi everyone everytime I come on this site learn something new about Raynauds , I have haemochromatosis and Raynauds and terrible reflux for which I take Ranitidine and Omeprazole, I just read the question about digestive problems and scleroderma have no clue what that is or possible connection to my reflux if there is one . HELP

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  • I think the oesophagus can get a bit stiff, and the valve thick at the opening to the stomach meaning acid can come back up. Doesnt necessarily mean you have scleroderma though as plenty of people have severe reflux. You probably need an autoimmune blood profile to see if you have any of the antibodies connected with scleroderma.

  • Thanks inkedup for your help will ask about bloods when I see rheumatologist. Getting a bit fed up with Drs and hospitals seem to spend half my life there with not a lot of change in how I feel physically.

  • If you had the oesophagal problems brought about by Scleroderma, you would also have problems getting food down. Foods get stuck if not chewed to a pulp and feel like rocks in your chest and usually have to come back up. Basically there is no peristalsis.

  • I suffered indigestion for years. Since being diagnosed with CREST, I am told it's part of the condition and with Nexium it's under control. Bread tended to give me more trouble and I suspected some sort of gluten intolerance but no, it's all part of the condition. Interesting connection! All the best.

  • I have diffuse systemic scleroderma with reflux but although I suffer from sluggishness further down I never have problems swallowing my foods and do not need to chew them to a pulp so that is not necessarily an indicator.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, I have had reflux for about 20 years about 15 years ago gastro professor thought I was caeliac but test was negative he said I was definitely wheat and dairy intolerant so have been on this diet ever since but even so just like Struth have a problem with bread even though I only eat wheat free variety. Over last 12 months digestive probs much worse am waiting for another camera. It seems Raynaud and Haemochromatosis have a lot of the same symptoms ,gastro, joint, chronic fatigue, itchy dry skin,vit D defiency,calcium defiency all of which I have., am soooo lucky!! oh and whilst having all these investigations they found a hole in my heart that is a birth defect I figured at least I could dismiss this one as I am 59 and if I was born with it and have survived 4 pregancies it probably wont kill me. Thanks again you all take care

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