I hv scleroderma and raynauds, was diagnosed 11 yrs bk, fortunately raynauds is the only thing showing at present, I hv been taking 30 mg of nipedine for the last 9 yrs and seems to keeping raynauds ok, however my skin on top of my feet is really tight and painfully somedays even after resting them, could this be raynauds? Also I hv trouble with severe constipation and wandered if this is connected to scleroderma, I take senna most days and still struggle with it and also tried different foods, sorry for all questions I but not due to see rheumatologist until later this yr and my doc is not good with this.

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  • I'd request an earlier review with your rheumatologist. If your skin is starting to thicken then it needs checking and the sooner the better as with scleroderma things can escalate quickly (not saying they will but better to be safe than sorry!). Skin thickening is a key sign. Constipation could also be a scleroderma sign - my medical team always ask me if I have any issues at my reviews. Bascically internal thickening could be affecting and slowing down the passage through the bowel.

    Hope this helps x

  • I agree with Roamer, get an earlier appointment with the rheumatologist. I have the symptoms you describe and I have scleroderma with trouble with my bowels (the most common). I take 6 sennas everyday twice a day and sodium ducosate to soften the stools.

  • Thanks for the answers..

  • hello out there please help me i have raynaulds and been suffering for 12 years with it white fingers and now ive lost all feelings in my two end finges which are dead due to my nerves system and ayear ago lst my grip in thumb and first finger plese iam so lonly no one to talk to about it lost my confidence wont go out people look at me gone out want someone who understands what iamgoing through help me i cant have operationn till blood presure gone down

  • no raynaulds can get to yiur feet wear celtic sheepskin boots

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