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Raynauds and weak hands

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I'm new to this site. I've had primary raynauds since I was 10, so for 19 years now. I've had some bad attacks but just manage the symptoms myself. The past few weeks however I have started getting really weak hands, I struggle to grip things and drop things I can't seem to get a good grip on. Is this a common symptoms of raynauds.

Thanks in advance for your help.

12 Replies
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I get exactly the same, I wear mountaineering gloves most of the winter which are made for pretty extreme conditions but they help prevent it happening.

My hands are useless in winter :/ I cannot even use them to push myself up off the sofa sometimes they are that weak! In summer I don't have half the problems so I guess I shouldnt complain ......big hugs xxx

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chockers in reply to livingnotexisting

Go to a OT like a Rhumeatolist O.T . They work wonders on hands . mine where very weak but not now . I can drive do housework most things . even with fused wrist

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Yes, it is common and annoying. I have gadgets to help me and with a smile I get the help of willing people and I am no longer afraid to ask for help.

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florr in reply to zenabb

Me too...

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Thanks for your replies. I guess it's something I need to get used to. I guess I've been enjoying having no symptoms while I was pregnant now they've all returned and more!!!

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I also have problems dropping things. While no one complains, in my silence I am the one who is embarrassed. I guess what bothers me the most is that there isn't a doctor that knows why this happens, how Raynaud's originates or has any real answers to relief since there isn't a cure. Does anyone feel the same way as me? I do wear wool socks everyday now. Always try to keep my hands moving, but must live with the pain.

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Go to your doctor. I take blood pressure tablets for mine and they help loads. I get it on my hands, feet and thighs. I get it on my heals of my feet which is new but far less painful with the tablets. If I forget then my hands are useless and my fingers go white and I can't do anything.

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Annie2308 in reply to Nikki246

Are the tablets to lower your blood pressure? My norm is 90/60 sometimes 90/55 so already on the low side.

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Hands weak . Go to a Rhumeatiod OT. normally self refured . and they do wonders for weak hands

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I dont know?? I have reyneauds...i can't get a cover off a bottle anymore..and occasionally drop things..i am not that young..and thought it was from being in my 60's..but you might be right..my poor niece is diagnosed with this at 15yrs .old...maybe héréditary..???..i also have 2 brothers with reyneaud...it is more common in women..my brothers are known to like there drink??!!

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Hi there I have Raynaud's and have sore hands most of the time drop things all the time I wear splints in work and when am out shopping they really do help

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