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Can anyone recommend a good wax bath to buy?

At the raynuad's and scleroderma association annual conference a few weeks ago one of the skin care nurse specialists said that Wax Baths can be soothing and offer relief for your skin if you don't have any open wounds (which happily I don't at the moment). I am looking into buying one but I have no idea where to start as there are loads online and could do with some recommendations on what to look for!

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I have a Champneys Home Spa - Wax bath - purchased at Amazon. it is excellent and I can use it for hands and feet.

I purchase extra wax at a cheaper rate from the Scleroderma Society when attending my twice yearly check up at The Royal Free Hospital.


Hello, I also have the Champneys one, purchased from Argos. I don't know if I'm not using correctly, but I find it makes the wax far too hot for my hands, I have read the instructions several times. I have gone back to heating the wax in a pyrex bowl in the microwave for 20 mins and then leaving it to cool until a skin starts to form on the top. Hope this helps and not confuses further!


I used to get wax treatments when I had my nails done, and my hands always felt wonderful afterwards. The hard part for me would be catching it when I didn't have an open sore somewhere on my hands or toes 8( But it sounds like it would be great.


i use the Champneys on ( got it from Argos) - I find it ok but the wax takes a long time to melt!


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