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Primary Reynauds &Trying to Conceive - conflcting info on difficulties that can be had. Anyone have any first hand experience or opinions?

I am 35 and was diagnosed with primary reynauds about 5 years ago. I suffer with the usual cold hands and feet and my finger joints used to swell very painfully before diagnosis. But since diagnosis i wear 2 pairs of socks and fingerless gloves at all time. They are like my second skin!

I have been trying to conceive for 3 months (which is still very early days) but much to my surprise i have read varying articles about how reynauds can affect (or not affect depending what you read) trying to conceive. The main one that concerned me was that the uterus lining can be thinner than required due to the bad circulation which can lead to implantation being more difficult and increase in miscarriage.

I havent been to my GP yet as at the time of my check up for starting to try for a baby i never even thought aout my Reynauds and she said to wait 6 months before going back. So i dont want to seem obsessive about tryng to conceive.

I would really be grateful of any experiences or opinions that anyone has to share. Thank you!

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I have four children and I have had Raynaud's all my life. But at first I kept losing my pregnancies as soon as the foetus became heavy. Then I was given a Shrodkar Suture (kind of a purse string suture) around my cervix and that allowed me to have my four children. I don't think that Raynaud's had any role in it. So there is an answer to everything.


I hv not heard about raynauds effecting chance of pregnancy, although maybe in your case, perhaps only your gp can answer this and do the relevant tests, I was diognosed 11 yrs bk with raynauds & sclerederma, I have had 2 miscarriages myself over 17 yrs bk now, but I also hv three healthy young adults full term pregnancies, hope to hear good news soon for you x

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Thanks so much for responding Zenabb and Mrsqwerty11! Im glad im not the only one a little surprised by what i have read. I will most definately ask my GP at my 6 month review if i havent convceived in the meantime and i will post her response. x


I have had Raynauds most of my life but have two beautiful daughters and didn't have any problems as a result of the Raynauds other than getting very cold after my caesarian and my blood pressure dropping.


Hi, i've had Raynauds since i 21, at 34 i was getting married and went to docs as we wanted to conceive asap. My doctor had me cuming off my nifedipine 6 months before (fun when i was getting married in march) but i didn't care. I conceived first month of trying, my mum has it too and conceived fine. xx


Thank you Darkdreamer and beks169 for taking the time to reply. I feel much better now!

With being 35 i feel like i have ancient eggs and it may be difficult enough to conceive with out any other factors playing a part! So when i read the information online i began to panic a little. I will still mention it to my doctor but in the meantime i dont feel the need to worry.

Thank you so much for putting my mind to rest!! x


Primary should not be a problem in conceiving but there are of course other reasons for this. Also Primary Raynaud’s (RP) without any underlying connective tissue disease should not have any detrimental effect on pregnancy as it is not associated with any structural damage to blood vessels or underlying disease. It is likely trhat RP will improve during pregnancy and nifedipine should be stopped when pregnant and ideally before conceiving. Although there are no major concerns with this drug it is best to be off all non-essential prescription medication when pregnant. Good luck and I hope you are successful in the future!


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