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When I went to see my Rheumatology Specialist Nurse the other week, she advised that using a hand wax bath would be beneficial for my hands!! She has since sent me some information leaflets on wax baths. Before I splurge out and buy one, I was wondering if anyone else is using wax baths, and how they are getting on, also did they find any benefit in using a wax bath. I would be interested to hear any comments. I'm willing to have a go at anything that's helpful!! 

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  • I bought a wax machine where my hand and my foot can fit (its beneficial for both), although I´ve only really used it with my hands. It is very beneficial. It helps maintain heat in your hands and makes the skin nice and smooth. I don´t do it when I have open ulcers in my hand, if they´re closed they´ll be fine, but if they´re open it could hurt quite a bit. What you do is you heat up the wax (it takes a few hours) then you put one of your hands in it, and take it out. You´re hand will be covered in the wax and will look like a wax glove. I do this about three times so the "wax glove" will be nice and thick. When the wax is dry/solid (it dries up pretty fast) put your hand inside a plastic bag (the wax machine usually comes with those baggies, but any plastic bag will do) and then I put my hand inside a mitten that also came with the wax machine (you could use a towel instead). I leave it in there until the heat goes away. But It usually lasts like a half hour! Then I do it to the other hand. I make sure to do this when I know I won´t be needing my hand...hehehe. Its great for the raynauds. When you´re done, just peel the wax off and either throw it out or, if you washed your hands previously and nobody else is going to be using your wax machine, I simply put the wax back inside the machine. I feel like I´m Mickey Mouse or some sort of wax statue when I do it! It is really cool! hehehe. Enjoy your machine if you do get it! Sending healthy hugs your way! Maria.

  • Splurge!  You will not regret it.  I have been using one for 5 years for my Raynaud's and my husband started using it for his Rheumatoid Arthritis.  The relief is temporary, but it is relief.  I dip my hands 10 times, then wait a minute or two and dip 2 more times.  That extra 2 dips seems to help the most.  I keep my wax bath turned on all the time so it is ready whenever needed and I don't have to wait for the wax to melt.  Enjoy some relief!

  • I use wax but I didn't use a wax bath. I put it in a microwaveable heavy duty bowl. No expense, the bowl is ruined but functional for the wax.

    I microwave everything! Make sure you do it in small time amours a minute or two at a time and stir it well. Thats it!!

  • I would be cautious about using wax melted in a microwave.  You cannot regulate the temperature of the wax and could easily get badly burned.  I speak from experience.

  • Thank you all for your comments, my minds made up I will treat myself to a wax bath. Will probably wait until the Autumn, as I am hoping that once summer is here it should improve when it gets warmer! Mind you that's if Summer does get here, it certainly taking its time!!! Sat here today with heating on!! 

  • I found the wax bath helps my hands too. 

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