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Anybody experience of osteoathritis? Menopause? arrgh!!

On top of my scleroderma, primary biliary cirrhosis, sjogrens, hypothroidism, aneamia, vit D deficiency, and infertility i have had osteoathritis in my knees and foot. The pain in my foot has got so bad that i went to A&E last week thinking i might have fractured it. The x ray shows that i have no big toe joint left, and i have developed bone spurs. I am presently walking with a limp. Not only am i not able to go to the gym due to sheer exhaustion and feeling under par, but i,m struggling to walk properly which is making me feel miserable. Has anybody had this, and if so how was it treated? I,m also developing menopausal symptoms (i,m 44) and i,m feeling pretty awful. I seem to have a constant period, i feel as if my raynauds has got worse lately too. Anyone have any tips? Thanks (sorry to moan)

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Hi .I Have had hpyothriidiosm ( under ) for years Have aneamia at moment but yesterday it was 12 .On the menopause along came no hot flushes but along came Rhumatiod Athritis and slceroderma ( both mild ) secony sjogrens .I have a son 26 he came in my 30s but after that unexplained inferltity ( i was killing the sperm ) And Raynaunds ..You need to treat the simtoms sometimes it messs with the thyioed .I keep warm by moving about wearing good clothes sheepskin boots .I take nifedipine for raynaunds thoxine MTX .yOU CAN get something for the bleeding down below and so help like going on a mini pill .Maybe ring hospital to see rhumagliy Nurse or dr plus as well going to a lady doc for the bleeding ( gp)

theres things you can take for the bones .Also see an OT maybe for splints and someone for feet poatrtiy ask for blood tests


Hi Inkedup, I recently found a website that had some good suggestions for the menoupause. It is

I don't have the Osteoarthritis, one of the few things I don't have...yet, so I can only suggest what I have given my Mum to help her and that is black pepper oil mixed 3 to one with a carrier oil, something like almond oil. It warms up when you apply it and it helps with the pain. But you have to use the carrier oil, otherwise it will burn your skin so it is 3 drops carrier oil to one drop black pepper oil.

Also cod liver oil is supposed to help, you can get it in tablet form so you don't have to try to choke it down. 8) Hope you get some relief soon!


Thank you both. The link was useful uknlv, i shall try some deep breathing! I,ll pass on the cod liver tho as i,m a vegan!


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