Anyone get bleeding under or blistering of very itchy skin?

I have limited systemic sclerosis and Raynauds and have had ''unscratchable'' itchy skin on and off for years. It is only relatively recently that my skin has begun to bleed underneath when I've had a bout of scratching (I know I shouldn't but how do you NOT scratch?!?!?): I end up with terrible bruises on my legs. Also, lately on my left hand and foot I've had bad itching followed by little blisters (no bleeding) which then burst and am having trouble getting them healed. Not sure if it's just another symptom or a side effect of meds ... any ideas, similarity please?

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  • You could have another auto immune problem called pbc (primary biliary sclerosis) , I would get your doctor to do some blood tests.

  • Good heavens! Thank you roseter - I rather hope that you are wrong, but am due back at the clinic in October and will certainly mention it if the solutions suggested by my other kind respondents do not work.

  • I also hope I am wrong although pbc sounds worse than it is! I have been diagnosed for 3 years without many problems really. Let me know how you get on

  • Thanks roseter - that's good to know. My (limited) understanding of pbc comes from someone I met a long time ago who feared being diagnosed with it as it was so serious!! I will be seeing my consultant in October / November and will see what she says.

  • I think that itching is due to our tight dry skin. So instead of scraching I put cream before the scratch.

  • I agree with zenabb, I think it is due to the tightening of the skin. I use E45 cream and make sure that my legs and arms are always creamed up as I had the same problem as you, scratching my arms and legs and getting small blood blisters. I also have a body brush which I use when I get itchy which doesn't cause the blood blisters. Hope you get relief soon. Take care.

  • Thanks zenabb and 0411tm, I will try out your solutions - love the idea of the body brush especially, I'd never thought of that, I shall get one as soon as I can. I will also try cream but I do use hand cream and that hasn't made a difference, but I will try something more moisturising.

  • Sadly I know only too well aout itchy skin in my case its due to another condition as someone else mentioned called PBC a simple blood test can rule this out or in. Or as others have mentioned on here could just be your skin being too dry perhaps some good moisturiser may help. I use E45 lotion or Doublebase as well as drinking plenty of water at least one to two litres a day as well as medication I have been prescribed for the itch I get from PBC. Best of luck.

  • Thanks littlemo, I will make sure I carry out a moisturising routine and increase intake of water and wait and see what the rheumatologist says!!

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