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Alternative medicines

We recently read an article by a dr who says that low oxalate diets helps with scleroderma - we thought we would try this out, but have found contradictory information about what foods are low oxalate (eg coffee, tea, pineapple etc - some articles say its high and others say its low oxalate) and I was keen to know if anyone out here has tried any of this?

Also my mum is struggling with quinine (gives headache and nausea) and I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any alternatives to this - i am sure there must be.

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I think because each case is so different and doctors are really only experimenting, it's far better to go with what you feel like eating. The body is a marvellous thing and if it dosen't like something it will soon let you know. Just take a moment to really consider what you fancy, and you'll usually come up with what you need at that time. It's the same principal that occurs when ladies have cravings in pregnancy, it's just your body telling you what it needs, and going off things is your body telling you that's harmful to you :) May I ask why your mum is taking Quinine?


I agree with SandraMarie. People say all sorts of thing about diets, it's the fashion. I just listen to my body. Why does your mother take quinine? Is it for cramps?


Thanks for your answers-mum is taking quinine as it is meant to help with the dilation of the blood vessels which I guess is supposed to help with the reynaulds/schleroderma. Isn't this a regularly prescribed medicine?i was under the impression that it was one of the run of the mill ones...


If you are referring to Hydroxychlorequine it is one of the older drugs for scleroderma and is a disease modifying drug also used i think for RA

I have been taking it for 8 months and it has helped me.


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