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Finally took the plunge

Been officially diagnosed with raynauds..... Doctor has put me on medication but concerned as I have low blood pressure and thinks my meds will lower if even more. My Bp hovers around 100/60 and when doc took my pulse it wa 57 but my hands were freezing as usual. The weather has been glorious today however I've had to dress like its January. Doc has started me on 5mg of calcium channel blockers once a day....... Anyone been in similar circumstances and will it work??? Thanks in advance 😀

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Hi Jane999,

Hope the calcium helps my GP just wont give medication because it would interfere with Kidney function, look forward to nhearing how you et on with it.



Try Cayenne pepper in your food and ginger works well Cayenne is a slow burner unlike chilli so takes a while but works for longer without unpleasant effects and ginger is very good.

for hand warming or anywhere for that matter look up Peacock or zippo hand warmers run on lighter fuel Peacocks about the best of them but no flames or fumes so totally safe but very warm and toasty 60.c's plus

I have Raynauds was on Nifedapine but like you have 90/60 with a 50 or under resting pulse and it dropped my bp to basement had everything moving around.


Hi jane, I have been on these for about 6 months now for my raynauds and they really do help. I also have lupus and Sjogrens so I'm taking a lot of medications and get my bloods and kidney function checked every month and have no problems at all. Hope this helps.


P.S. Forgot to say that I was told I could take up to 3 a day but that much made me slightly light headed so reduced to 2 on cold days and 1 when weather warmer.


I take nefedipine and have not had a raynauds attack in my fingers since i starte taking it one year ago. Myblood pressure is on the low sise and when I increased the dose by 10mg i was really dizzy so went back to tne lower dose. I still get reynauds in my feet though.


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