Amlodipine for Raynauds

I have seen a rheumatologist who is doing blood works to investigate the cause of raynauds. he has prescribed me Amlodipine at 2.5mg for the raynauds. I am a bit concerned with talking this, as I understand it is a blood pressure med, I have normal blood pressure at the moment, but all my life have always a low blood pressure. I know it is only a small dose (but I am quite petite), but am concerned if my blood pressure drop. As anyone been prescribed this who has low blood pressure and have had any issues.

And all so if anyone is using it, have you been told to avoid grapefruit, there a big label on the packet to avoid grapefruit, seems a odd thing to single out.

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  • If you look it up, grapefruit interacts badly with many medications...

  • I've heard of avoiding grapefruit with certain medications. I used to be on Amlodipin for blood pressure but ended up with swollen ankles. My medication has now been changed to Ramipril. Don't feel alarmed though as you may not get he swollen ankles - different drugs suit different people I guess and I had been taking the Amlodipine for about 15 years. It's best to give them a chance as they might be the right thing for you. Best Wishes.

  • Hi, I am on 10mgs of Amlodipine once a day for Raynauds, and I do not suffer any side effects, I have also had low blood pressure for most of my life. As for the grapefruit thing there is a lot of medication that has the same warning.

  • I have very low blood pressure 97/63 is typical. My consultant has tried several different drugs like this to help my raynauds but I found them difficult as they made me light headed and headachey. I decided not to take them as for me the benefits did not outweigh the side effects. I suggest you try a course and buy a home blood pressure machine to keep an eye on pressure.

  • Grapefruit weakens the tablet so doesn't do its job properly u can't hav it with most blood pressure tablets. I've used it previously and never had any issues

  • hi

    Raynauds is vascular therefore it makes sence to try you on amlodapine, your rheumie must be in the know! I took this upto 5mg and all was fine until they uped me to 10 and my ankles enlarged? Dropping it back down didnt help so they tried ramapril and perinderprill with the same reactions. I am now on 300mg of Diltiazem which seems to be helping, my ankles enlarge only if l do too much.

    Grapefruit was shown to be the reason an American died, it increased the blood thinning effect and lowered their BP too far, therefore better to avoid grapfruit.

  • Amlodipine has been a God send. Even the smallest dosage has made a huge difference in my life. I've never had high blood pressure, but it's never been exceedingly low. I'm not freezing now, and my hands no longer go numbin the grocery store.

  • Have tried Amlodipine, however, it causes my blood pressure to drop and makes me feel quite unwell and that was only on the 5mg strength so had to stop taking it. The Rheumatologist also tried Nifedopine and Glycerol Trinitrate patches and this did the same thing. So now I have Linisopril and Illoprost transfusions for 5 days once a month from September through to end of April. However I still get severe cold in my toes and fingers and have now had my third ulcer in one of my fingers due to the cold.

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