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Evening All. When I was diagnosed, not wanting to put all my eggs in one basket with the medics, I tried all sorts of alternative remedies. Has anyone tried anything like this? Never mind ulcers, each one of my fingers was splitting like an overripe tomato. I'll not wax lyrical about what I've tried in case it isn't any use to anyone but I have a war chest that you might like to try....

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Hi, I don't know if it classes as an alternative therapy but when my Raynaud's started to improve I decided to ditch the medication the doctors prescribed and try some herbel remedies instead. Ginkgo Biloba extract has always helped as has ginger. I also used to make up my own oil made from three essential oils which helped when rubbed onto the skin. I'll see if I can dig the 'recipe' out again. I've heard from someone that accupuncture helps but having never tried it myself I couldn't comment!


I'm new to Raynauds and since presently I'm on two chemo drugs I'd like to try to address this as naturally as possible. Would you mind telling me what essentials oils you use on your skin and how much ginko and ginger you take per day?

Thanks, Faith



I've found the 'recipe' of oils that I have used in the past: You will need equal parts of rosemary, jasmine and lavender mixed with a base oil (if you've never mixed one before start with more base oil and just a few drops of the essential oils as i can tell you from experience pure essential oils sting a little bit!!!). I used to use it when everything ached and my mum also used it for her arthritis and said it did her good.

I used to take 120mg (50:1) 6000mg of the Ginkgo Biloba Extract, and on second look it's not ginger, I took 120mg of Ginseng extract. I used to buy in bulk from Vitamins direct but there may be cheaper ones out there.

I hope this helps.



Hi, I swear by ginger capsules for infection/ulcer prevention. If i run out I know about it a few days later. I have found a great moisuriser with triple lanolin and aloe vera in it called mango vera. Its the best hand cream I have used so far to help prevent cracking. I got it from a chinese nail bar but it available online.


Hi, just over a year ago I started to see a herbalist. After an initial consultation, a tincture was made up for me. In 6 days the swelling in my hands had reduced - it felt like magic. Slowly my hands started to improve and I had more dexterity in my fingers. It is a year since I first started seeing the herbalist, and I can now clench my hands, I no longer have any restrictions or tightness around my mouth and jaw area and my liver is working more effectively. The tinctures have changed over the year depending on how I am reacting to what I have been given. I also tried acupuncture, but that didn't seem to have any effect, but the herbalist certainly has.


Can you tell me what the compound the herbalist made for you?


Hi there. I have a prescription creme that works miracles for your hands peeling and splitting that a doctor gave me a few years back when we just thought I was allergic to something and now I am diagnosed Sclerodermo Write me at and I will find the tube and send you the name of it. You can request your doctor write you a script for it. I put it on at night and by the next morning or two my hands heal like magic. :-)


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